Honor Flight’ honored the heroes of WWII

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
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‘Honor Flight’ honored the heroes of WWII

An event took place on Sept. 14 which involved several hundred people in all walks of life uniting to pay tribute to our local veterans of World War II. To quote a friend, the day was filled with “pure love, pride, and raw emotion.” The Leatherstocking Honor Flight organization deserves appreciation for the creation of this day.

Over 20 veterans of our armed forces spent the day in ultimate glory traveling to Washington, D.C. to view the monuments built in their memory. They were honored, applauded, thanked repeatedly. For 12 hours, each of these men were deserving heroes. They ranged in age from 84 to 98. They gathered together and we all paid tribute to the sacrifices they made for our freedom. Each one of these men was humble and a gentleman. Each had their stories but kept them mostly in their thoughts although their eyes said it all. Their camaraderie was still evident — they wore their hats proudly but that was the only distinction between the ranks and the arms of service.

It was my honor to share this day with the Honor Flight. The men and women of this organization are among the finest people I have ever met. My thanks need to include the Patriot Guard Riders, whose display was beyond words; to the road workers who removed their hard hats and placed them over their hearts as we passed; to the police who ensured us safe travel; to Albany County Airport for accommodating us all with such respect and dignity; to Southwest Airlines who made us feel like dignitaries.

And such appreciation to the people who just smiled and waved, who walked up and shook our veterans’ hands and said “thank you.” And to those people who held signs and flags, who stopped just to acknowledge this group of men for an accomplishment that occurred almost 70 years ago.

Thank you to all who had any part in this day which touched so many hearts, as it was a priceless gift that shall always be treasured.

Marilyn Chew


It’s time to reinstate the original Constitution

The long-camouflaged road toward a dictatorial central government that has taken control over this nation was enhanced with the addition of the 17th Amendment in 1913. Upon ratification, the power of the state legislatures to elect senators to Congress was dissolved. This dissolution opened the door for the three federal branches to work in unison, or alone, to usurp the power from the states, thereby the people.

The direct effect is senators don’t pay attention to the needs of the electorate but the wants and desires of various influence peddlers. The only time one hears semi-genuine concern by a senator is at election time, when overt money peddling begins.

The underground revolution that took place with the 17th Amendment culminated in a government that thinks, breathes and acts to its own whims and desires, rather than adhering to the strict limits written in the Bill of Rights.

The daily demolition of people’s rights takes place through Supreme Court interpretations, congressional laws and presidential executive orders. This coordinated effort toward centralization has been cleverly masked by false in-fighting, divide and conquer tactics toward the electorate, and misdirection of intentions by all three branches. Couple this strategy with minor issues blown out of proportion by a bought media and we are facing an extremely effective onslaught of our basic rights.

Ric Wells


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October 16, 2013
4:29 a.m.
janesjoys says...

Mr. Wells - I am not too sure how the 17th Amendment, which gives the PEOPLE the right to elect their Senators in a Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE, moved toward “a dictatorial central government that has taken control over this nation”. We are seeing just how the state governments in many states today are protecting the rights of the PEOPLE by supressing the votes. I do, however agree, that many Senators do not pay attention to the "wants and desires" of their constituents.

October 17, 2013
7:16 p.m.
wmarincic says...

It is called Gerrymandering Jane. Take a look at some of the Congressional districts. Legislatures don't have to worry about representing the people because they know they will be reelected. Both sides do it and it should be illegal.

October 17, 2013
7:43 p.m.
Phils2008 says...

Yes janesjoy, voter suppression through voter id. How dare anyone question the illegal immigrants you bus in to vote. How dare anyone ask that you simply verify that you are who you say you are. Obviously the point is to prevent blacks and hispanics from voting for the party of the handout. What other reason could there be? Im sure if the Republicans had the dead people you have voting Democrat voting for them you'ld be demanding life certificates. Democrats cant win a clean election and you sure as hell arent about to advocate for one.

October 18, 2013
12:58 a.m.
dan says...

NBC just had a good piece about gerrymandering the other day -

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