Why prop up towns and businesses that don’t need help?

Sunday, October 13, 2013
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Why prop up towns and businesses that don’t need help?

The juxtaposition of two Gazette articles Oct. 8 caught my eye concerning the Clifton Park Industrial Development Authority.

In one, Mazzone Hospitality, a very successful business, is asking the town IDA for tax breaks on property it seeks to consolidate some operations to make them more efficient.

In the other, the IDA is shutting down its economic development fund, set up to make loans. Apparently, the shutdown is being forced by the state Authorities Budget Office [ABO].

I’m confused. I thought IDAs were authorized by the state Legislature to help aging mill towns give tax breaks to put abandoned industrial sites back to use. How did that legislation get stretched to include prosperous and fast-growing suburban towns, such as the one I’ve lived in for 35 years? I was surprised to learn that “the state ABO oversees about 570 authorities, of which about half are local development organizations.” Five hundred seventy? Over half local development organizations? How did that happen?

Apparently, each is staffed and controlled by an appointed board that is authorized to borrow and spend. And we wonder why it costs so much to live in New York.

In this case the fund chairman is also a vice president of the Saratoga Economic Development Corp., which itself is in financial straits. Apparently, I better start paying more attention to what goes on in my local town hall.

Edward Vanderwall

Clifton Park

Rotterdam: get healthy, end reliance on REMS

Time for REMS [Rotterdam Emergency Medical Services] to move on down the road [Oct. 10 Gazette].

As a doctor doing a radio commercial for hospice said, no one is getting out of this world alive. Everyone attending the REMS meeting in Rotterdam Town Hall will die someday. No exceptions. Why fight it?

Americans have been given unrealistic expectations on life expectancy. If you are concerned about your health, eat right, don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Get some exercise — that is a biggie.

I see a lot of overweight people in Rotterdam Price Chopper with food carts loaded with fat and sugar. Maybe REMS should set up a satellite office [there].

Edmond Day


Teens already being bombarded about sex

Harvard University’s program on educational policy found that U.S. students aren’t catching up to their peers in the world: U.S. is 27th in math, 17th in science, 14th in reading. Perhaps this is because their childhood has been robbed from their youth.

Several psychiatrists show how important the latency period is for children 12 and under. Our schools have been teaching our children at a younger and younger age about sex. We have to do more for the young besides what you stated in your editorial: “invite the likes of Planned Parenthood in. . . and also do more to ensure that teens who do get pregnant learn a little about child-rearing [before their babies arrive].”

Why would anyone want to expose a 12-year-old or older teen to the full possibilities of the chemical-industrial complex of complete contraception, sterilization and abortifacients? If that fails, we have abortion centers for their mistakes.

The core issue is never addressed: We are filling the minds of our youth with perverted sexual ideas. We are teaching the students to rely on their own inexperienced and immature judgments. Young girls and older are being left to either choose abortion or bring up the children they love by themselves.

Where are the young men? They have been taught about sex; they leave one young lady and find another one. This is what we learn in school and society. When the young lady meets another young man, does he care about her children?

Daily in your newspaper and on the news we see children being neglected or treated cruelly. Does anyone understand the real reasons? Sex is being taught to our youth as a recreation. What happened to teaching our youth about marriage and family?

The trouble with the sexual philosophies of Planned Parenthood, feminist activists and others is that their theories do not work. Pitiably, many present-generation females accept this type of behavior largely because of the brainwashings of Planned Parenthood, school sex education and pornographic entertainment media.

Why not teach the young about affectionate, monogamous, long-lasting relationships leading to marriage?

Joanne Clough


Halfmoon fiscally sound, management the reason

There has been a lot of press on what some people think is going wrong in Halfmoon. It is time to let everyone know what is going right.

For anyone who saw the articles on the state auditor’s report, you did not see that the town has $3,985,448 in the bank, just in the reserve fund. You did not see that the ambulance tax line on the 2013 tax bills was the auditor’s idea, not the Halfmoon supervisor’s or the Town Board’s.

How can you expect a town or business not to experience a downturn when the bottom fell out of the American market? Anyone who has a retirement account, stocks or investments took a hit starting in 2007, and as we all know, it has been difficult even for individuals to recoup their losses. Many lost half of what took them all their working lives to save. Why would you think it would be any different for the town of Halfmoon?

I am thankful for the fact that the town had the savings it did. Could you imagine if town leaders had not been as conservative as they are? During the last year, bonds have been refinanced; belts were already tightened, with no sign of that changing.

We still don’t have a town or highway tax. Look at the rest of Saratoga County; how many other towns can claim that? As a dedicated town official, I am proud to be a resident, elected as the receiver of taxes, and humbled to work with an amazing team of dedicated people who work hard to keep our town a leader in Saratoga County.

I urge all voters to listen to and ask questions of our town officials. We have the answers to questions that the papers do not ask; bad news makes better press these days.

Karen S. Pingelski


The writer is running for re-election.

It’s Democrats who are doing the grandstanding

Re Oct. 7 letter, “GOP grandstanding with World War II memorial”: Marcia Sykes calls the GOP House members that got the vets into the memorial “grandstanding.”

What do you call closing down things that are not federally funded — like the memorial, the ocean — and Sen. Charles Schumer calling the police, who shot down an unarmed woman (with a baby in the car), “unpaid” heroes?

What do you call refusing to negotiate and refusing to fund cancer victims? Actions like that are grandstanding at its worse!

Terry K. Hurlburt


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October 13, 2013
1:58 a.m.
Fritzdawg says...

Edmond Day:
Wow, just wow.
If they ever give out an award for ignorance, you should probably be working on your acceptance speech.
Every medical emergency involves someone who makes bad dietary decisions?
Apparently, SOMEONE got their Christmas present (an extra chromosome) a few months early.

October 13, 2013
5:49 a.m.
wmarincic says...

Joanne Clough an extremely well thought out and common sense letter, thank you. I wish there was more common sense in America. We are at a time where if we speak the truth we are called hateful, racist, bigot, hater, or any number of other names. If we have the audacity to question things that just don't make sense, we are Tea Baggers, Birthers, and domestic terrorists. The good news is people are starting to figure out that things just are not working the way they should, people are realizing that maybe those liberal ideas of raising children are just not working. Is it too late, is the Genie out of the bottle? Until we stop rewarding children with apartments, cell phones and TV and money so they can make another baby for a little more cash, it will never end. It's time to get tough. No welfare just WIC for one year. Your family is going to have to step up. No money, no food stamps, the only thing these kids should get to take by having these unwanted babies is responsibility. I was speaking to a 95 year old lady last week who told me about living in Germany before and during WWII. She told me how they came to America and cried at the Statue of Liberty. She told of not having one penny in their pockets and three kids. The Nazi's took everything. She told how a taxi driver gave them a ride to an apartment building in Queens where some cousins lived. She told of how after getting a job within a couple weeks running those apartment, how they found that cab driver and not only paid him but gave him a tip. She cried in my office while telling the story, People will make it if they have a reason and people will do nothing if they are given the resourses to do nothing. Thank you for sharing your story with me Gertrude from Amsterdam.

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