Giffords, husband and Schneiderman to visit Saratoga gun show

Ex-congresswoman backs state gun law

Saturday, October 12, 2013
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State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman toured the Saratoga Springs gun show this summer and he will be back on Sunday with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (INSET), who survived a 2011 assassination attempt.
State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman toured the Saratoga Springs gun show this summer and he will be back on Sunday with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (INSET), who survived a 2011 assassination attempt.

— Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived an assassination attempt in 2011, is set to tour the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair on Sunday.

Giffords and husband Mark Kelly, a former combat pilot and astronaut, are scheduled to be with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman at the gun show Sunday to highlight a voluntary agreement and stricter state gun control law.

It will be latest event by Giffords and Kelly in their national campaign for expanded background checks for gun sales.

A state law enacted earlier this year with a push by Gov. Andrew Cuomo expanded a ban on military-style weapons, requires mental health professionals to report threats, limits magazines to seven bullets, taxes bullets and creates a registry to keep guns out of the wrong hands. It was approved a month after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre.

Separately, Schneiderman worked closely with all 35 gun show operators in New York to adopt stringent new rules to track sales.

Kelly said the system could be a national model.

“At the federal level, we still have no requirement for background checks at gun shows, but states like New York are fixing the loophole,” he said. “The state’s model helps keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them — like criminals and the dangerously mentally ill — without infringing on our Second Amendment rights.”

Under the agreements worked out by Schneiderman, all firearms are tagged at the entrances to gun shows. Operators must provide computer stations for sellers to do national background checks. Guns are checked as they are taken away through a limited number of exits to make sure background checks were performed. No buyers can leave a show without documentation of a proper sale.

Operators must also notify local police so they can patrol near shows watching for illegal sales. Schneiderman also has a staff member at each gun show to work with operators to monitor compliance with the new gun control law.

Schneiderman’s effort began after a 2011 sting operation found numerous violations at gun shows. Investigators found frequent sales without background checks, including no attempts to prevent private sales outside the show. There also were sales to undercover investigators who said they had court orders of protection against them, which should prevent them from passing a background check.

Giffords was shot in the head in her Arizona district and her right arm remains paralyzed. She and Kelly are expected to tour the show beginning around noon in the Saratoga Springs City Center.

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October 12, 2013
11:26 p.m.
pnotto says...

I wonder if Mrs. Giffords-Kelly and her husband Mark have let it be known they have purchased several more firearms for protection since the terrible incident that be-felled her a couple years ago at the hands of a crazed lunatic. Another fact is that since they have relocated to the state of Texas from Arizona, Mrs. Giffords-Kelly is now a pistol packing mama. One thing the Kelly's fail to mention is when they travel in public, they have a personal armed body guard who accompanys them wherever they go. In the Kelly's home state of Texas, it is a right to carry state unlike NY'ers see in their state. In Texas, gun owners or soon to be firearms owners don't have to dance through the circus hoops of harassing restrictive BS laws that were created by Progressive Liberal legislator's of that state for the obvious purpose of political gain such as you see that goes on with dim witted Liberals like Andy Cuomo in NYS where UN-Constitutional legislation is pushed through the legislature in the secrecy of closed door sessions that saw a new law be approved in less than 3 days. By not allowing the public to examine and weigh in on the NY Safe Act they ultimately would have railroaded and stopped the legislation before the bill became law as it did. But this law was forced through the Legislature in Albany by its main creator and benefactor who had to use arm twisting tactics to get it passed as was used by anti-gun zealot in the one and only, Andy Cuomo. The sick perverted issue is that people like Andy Cuomo use the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident for political patronage and political gain in the hopes to beat Barrack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm to the punch before he could ram through any gun control legislation in Congress. Which as we saw happen Mr. Obama was betrayed by his own party in the Senate.

October 12, 2013
11:27 p.m.
pnotto says...

Con't from above:
The only thing that Andy Cuomo accomplished in his push for the Safe Act becoming law was to make one-million legal gun owners in NYS into criminals by taking their Second Amendment Right away from them again for political expedient self-indulgence to pacify his ego. The problem with anti-gun proponent hypocrites like the Kelley's, Mr. Schneiderman and Andy Cuomo is these people are barking up the wrong tree in trying to stop weapons from falling into the hands of dangerous people. What these liberals can't see in front of them is that all the anti-gun legislation in the world is not going to stop what happened to Mrs. Kelly and/or happened in Newtown, CT. I will let these anti-gun hypocrites in on a secret, the reason incidents like what happened to Mrs. Kelly and at Sandy Hook was that Liberals like Andy Cuomo have stripped out of American culture the very thing that was once revered by its people, which is the sanctity of human life. The very same thing that was once the bedrock of this nation has become bastardized and has been replaced with which is now the American Left's primary sacrament in the readily access to abortion. The destruction of the sanctity of life in American culture is pushed on all of us and the instituting of morals and ethics that were once taught in our school systems as a primary base of education is now laughed at and ridiculed thanks to Leftists like Andy Cuomo. Since the American Left controls both the school systems and the courts across the country this is why you have massacres like Sandy Hook, Columbine and what happened to Mrs. Kelly occur on a regular basis because that very same moral fiber that prevented sick perverts from killing people in the US would have made these people think twice before they acted. The great American General Omar Bradley said before he passed on the reason violence is occurring as it is in this country is that we have corrupted our hearts with self-indulgence by turning away from God and what was taught in the Sermon on the Mount. All the government programs in the world is not going to correct our downward spiral into the abyss and until the Left and RINO's see this fact America is doomed.

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