Abortion foes are wrong about when a fetus can feel pain

Monday, November 18, 2013
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Abortion foes are wrong about when a fetus can feel pain

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently advanced the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” This legislation is similar to that passed by the Republican-led House earlier this year and would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in cases of rape, incest with a minor, or in order to save the life of the pregnant woman. If passed, the act would result in up to five years in jail for violators.

Graham claims there is scientific evidence that a fetus can feel pain in the 20th week of pregnancy and also implied that such a fetus would experience significant pain during an abortion. His claims require comment. First, regarding fetal pain, a comprehensive review of all relevant literature has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association with the conclusion that: “Evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited but indicates that fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester.”

Independently, a review written by a panel appointed by Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists concluded that nerve connections “to the cortex are not intact before 24 weeks of gestation.”

Thus, most scientific evidence does not support the claim that a fetus can experience pain in the 20th week.

Second, if someone was concerned about possible fetal pain during a late-term abortion, there are several options. One option is to inject a drug that quietly stops the fetal heart. Many late-term abortions involve such a procedure. Another is to use anesthesia.

The Republican Party continues its strategy to involve government in a women’s medical decisions. As is the case for men, a women’s medical decisions should involve only the patient and the physician, not the government.

Don Steiner


Letter distorted efforts by Ballston park group

In her Nov. 5 letter falsely describing efforts by the Ballston Town Board and Park and Recreation Committee (P&RC), Polly Windels mentioned a lawsuit. The P&RC has no involvement in, nor is aware of, any lawsuit.

Ms. Windels claims the P&RC wants a sports complex like Clifton Park. (Sounds like she does not like Clifton Park.) The P&RC was not in favor of a complex such as Clifton Park’s, and did not recommend any such complex. While they have a wonderful complex, it is not appropriate for the town of Ballston. The P&RC proposed a parking lot, a nature hiking trail and picnic tables.

Ms. Windels claims the only statement in the will [deeding park land to the town] is “forever wild.” The will actually states: “The park is to remain forever wild, except for improvements consistent with recreational purposes dedicated to public use.” The P&RC expects any improvements to be consistent with recreational purposes dedicated to public use. The P&RC proposed a parking lot, a nature hiking trail, and picnic tables.

Ms. Windels claims the [Schidzick] estate offered to purchase the Hawkwood estate. The P&RC sent letters (twice) to all property owners of more than 15 acres during the evaluation process. There was no reply from the Hawkwood estate. Further, the estate has had over 10 years to provide a property and has made no effort to do so.

The P&RC was created by the Town Board is response to this inaction, and at the request of the court for Ballston to show interest and progress. The P&RC has performed this effort in full openness, professionalism and honesty.

The park will be a wonderful addition to the town, which is severely lacking park space. The P&RC is sincerely indebted to Frank W. Schidzick for his insight and dedication to such a magnificent gift to the town.

Daniel Russell


The writer is chairman of the Park and Recreation Committee.

ACA: one screw-up and lie after another

Since the roll out of the website, it’s been one screw-up after another and one excuse after another to cover the screw-ups.

I just went to a site where they were trying to explain what they are doing about it so they can get it up and running soon. I will quote just one line: “Our team is bringing in some of the best and brightest from both inside and outside government to scrub in with the team and help improve” What does this imply? That they’ve had a bunch of inept morons working on this at taxpayers’ expense.

This whole Affordable Healthcare Act [ACA] was built on a total lie told by the president over and over, and we all know what that lie was. Now millions are having their policies cancelled and are being forced to buy more expensive insurance plans because that’s how AHC was set up to work. Someone has to pay for someone else to be insured so it’s nothing more than another tax being imposed on the middle class — what Obama likes to call paying your fair share.

It’s nothing more than wealth redistribution.

Alice Baum


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November 18, 2013
10:35 p.m.
jjhehir says...

Pain or not, it's still killing a baby
J. J. Hehir

November 19, 2013
5:48 a.m.
Phils2008 says...

Don, "The Republican Party continues its strategy to involve government in a women’s medical decisions" Are you serious? Your party is now involved in everyone's medical decisions and you have the nerve to write this tripe? All the Republican party wants to do is give the unborn a fighting chance at life. Your sanctimony aside, what if you're wrong? Stop the heart? Last time I checked, stopping another creatures heart is killing. You libs don't believe a cold blooded murderer should be executed. Its inhuman. We don't have a right to take another persons life, bla bla bla, but an unborn child, hell no problem. Do you lefties possess any rational cohesive thought at all?

November 19, 2013
10:01 a.m.
tonijean613 says...

Phils2008, Who is going to take care of all these "unwanted pregnancies" whether born healthy or born severely deformed or brain dead, to only "live" in a permanent vegetative state? I don't see the good in forcing a fetus to be born into a life of pure hell and torture. As far as I know, there is no such waiting list of "pro-lifers" anxious to adopt such sick newborns. Pro-lifers are not even lined up to adopt the healthy "LIVING' kids currently lingering in State Institutions, and group homes. In NYS alone there are thousands of kids waiting for adoption. IMO GOP/"pro-lifers" are the hypocrites -bec they push to stop abortions and ban common sense birth control but when such babies are actually born severely disabled (mentally or physically) or into poverty, the GOP push to cut food and social programs to help them live. How cruel. And probably most "pro-lifers" have never personally been faced with the MANY serious medical conditions that can arise in pregnancy-so there is a level of ignorance to contend with on top of the hypocracy. GOP/Pro-lifers need to stay out of personal medical decisions and reproductive lives and the new Affordable Care Act MUST force insurance companies to include access to birth control pills and abortion and it's imperative that our Govt expand social security programs- not cut them.

November 19, 2013
5:49 p.m.
Phils2008 says...

Sorry tonijean613, if they're "unwanted" pregnancies then they should never have happened. Irresponsibility, lack of consequences, and lack of morality that is the culture of the left, account for the majority of these pregnancies. You dont force a fetus to be born, you allow it to be born. You grant it the same chance at life that you have had. You have nothing showing Republicans banning birth control. Pure hyperbole. Conservatives dont believe the Government should be forcing others to pay for your birth control. You say Pro-Lifers, who are being forced to pay for the immature and irresponsible, need to stay out of personal decisions and then you call on the government to force them to pay for it. You epitomize hypocrisy. What do you know about conservatives and difficult pregnancies? Do you liberals ever get tired of just throwing crap in the wind. What we need the Government to do is force liberals to accept responsibility for what they do, then we'll see how fast these issues resolve themselves.

November 19, 2013
5:49 p.m.
wmarincic says...

I know tonijean that you support infanticide and the murder of babies but maybe you should watch these.

November 20, 2013
1:54 p.m.
tplansing says...

Ms. Baum, I have to agree with your article on the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). You have hit the nail on the head.

It is my impression, that our present president of the United States (POTUS) is trying to play God, by limiting the length a person's life by their health status. That is to say that if they are suffering from any disease, handicapped, or any combination of both, the "ACA" would target them as no longer useful, and prevent them from getting the advanced medical care they need to sustain life.

No! I don't know about you and your family! I know that I would not want anyone to discontinue the healthcare for my wife or I for any reason, just because some jackass in Washington said so! And that would go especially for my wife of 39 years. I would fight that one tooth and nail to keep her alive whatever it took, unless it could be proven that she was beyond curing, and would be a vegetable for the rest of her natural life, and not medically inducted!

There are too many items in this so called Affordable Care Act that: 1. was never read by the Congress prior to their signing this piece of garbage. and 2. was never put before the public prior to the its signing. That was a smooth move by Nancy Pelozi and her regime of Democrats who would jump into a pool of acid if she told them too!

This entire bill is built on a bunch of lies that the president and his family, congress, and their assistants do not have to take part in. Why is that? Is it because Congress and those who in the know, know that the ACA is really a way to bilk more money out of the middle-class citizens? Tell me? Who else is going to pay for this? You can't be seriously thinking that the Rich and Famous or the Poor are going to be paying for, now do you? That would be ridiculous to even think of! The only one who is going to really make money on this bill are the President and those Democratic Congressmen and women who supported the bill to see to it, it was pushed through in the darkness of night. Paying your fair share? Why doesn't Obama pay the bill for us? He can afford it! My 2¢, not that it means anything!

November 20, 2013
9:12 p.m.
ChuckD says...

How would Jesus handle psychological projection?

November 23, 2013
7:35 a.m.
tonijean613 says...

Phils2008 - GOP and so called Religious Freedom" pushers have been working TIRELESSLY to ban access to birth control now being covered in the ACA/ObamaCare - they are claiming that denying OTHER women access is their religious freedom - go figure that one out- And perhaps it is not clear to you that "unwanted" does not always mean "Preventable" - how does a child prevent a rape?

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