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Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class

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Obamacare: Only losers will be the middle class Obama and our government say all of us have to have health insurance. He doesn’t say he or our lawmakers have to, because they have a luxury heath insurance plan paid for by the working class. Will the thousands of illegal immigrants or people on welfare have to? I don’t think so. Only the middle class will have to. Who is going to pay for the increase ...

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November 16, 2013
5:52 a.m.

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Nice try Denise. You calculate every other Presidents debt over their entire term and for some very peculiar reason only apply math to Obama's first two years. You neglect to include the fact that the 110th Congress was controlled by Democrats as was the 111th. Obama's debt to date is over 17 Trillion. He started at close to 10. When this President and the liberals are through he will have raised the debt more then the combined total of all other Presidents combined. Explain how thats a talking point only. Its a FACT. Yes Bush didn't veto spending bills, and as a Conservative that ticks me off. I dare say the Democrat Congress had no problem with the spending otherwise they would have not passed the bills and sent them up. Its simply dishonest (I would expect nothing less) for you to cite the spending and now whine about it as though you didn't support it then. Democrats support all spending. Go ahead and bash Bush. Thats all you have. He was stuck with wars whose roots started with Carter and Iran and then Clintons blind eye to the attacks on his watch. Had he taken Bin Laden when offered a number of times 911 would not have happened. Thats something you dont like to talk about. Now tell us what these lies are about all these scandals. Try not to repeat what the scandal-er (Obama, Carney) tells you since they are both proven liars. IRS scandal debunked? By who? Would you know anything without talking points? Do you even understand what talking points are????????

November 16, 2013
7:07 a.m.

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Who debunked the IRS scandal? Obama slept while our embassy was attacked on 9/11 and then lied about it. Fast and furious, stop, more democrat stonewalling. How about all of those Obama drone arracks? How about more soldiers have died under Obama than under Bush? How about if it was not for Bush we would not have killed Bin Laden. Liberalism, because you just can't make this crap up!!!

November 16, 2013
8:27 a.m.

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With the Drone attacks, Wmarincic raises an issue that deserves more attention than its been getting in the media. As the Noble Peace Prize winner, Obama shows breath taking hypocrisy with his unfettered and non-transparent use of Drones. They are a dehumanizing force that reduces the horror of war to a video game. Medea Benjamin wrote a book, "Drone Warfare", which documents the carnage this program has reaped on innocent people and even American Citizens.
Obama has exploited the public's disinterest in the fact that these drones create more terrorists and have killed hundreds of unintended targets. Through Obama's secrecy of this program, the public is unaware of its consequences. However, once this technology starts to used against us on American soil, the question will be how did we ever allow Obama to open this Pandora's box?

November 20, 2013
3:15 p.m.

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Thank you all for proving my point. When you're a Republican, the Democrats can't do anything right...and vice versa. And yes, the Democrats controlled the House during Bush's term but Bush had the power of the Veto pen and didn't use it. So I guess it's easy to blame the Democrats for passing all those spending bills but those bills wouldn't gone anywhere without a signature. It's obvious some of you need to watch some REAL news or research CREDIBLE news sources to answer your own questions. Don't expect others to do your homework for you. Nice try though. Way to stay classy, guys!