Democrats talk the talk, except when it comes to one of their own

Monday, May 27, 2013
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Democrats talk the talk, except when it comes to one of their own

Too little too late. That’s what describes what just took place in Albany regarding the sexual harassment scandals involving Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

I am a longtime private businessman and community volunteer. For the past five years, I had the privilege to serve as an elected official and work in the belly of the beast — what could be called the Albany political cesspool. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not all bad, but it’s a far cry from being all good, especially when it comes to unethical personal behavior.

Never has this been more evident. Our politicians sat idly by while Speaker Shelly Silver condoned the actions of Lopez by pushing for a secret payoff to the victims, in an attempt to sweep it under the rug.

Where do our local, elected officials stand? Democrats (including Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk, my opponent in the last election) claim to be champions of women, with slick commercials talking about defending the rights of women, yet they sit quietly regarding sexual harassment against young women in the very halls where they govern.

This isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat, though. This is about right vs. wrong. My comments would be forthcoming regardless of the political party of the perpetrator of such vile behavior.

If this were a private company, I would bet politicians could not run to the cameras fast enough to call for the CEO’s resignation and tout their support of women.

Where are the voices of the Capital Region leaders? Where is the outcry? Their silence is deafening.

George Amedore


The writer is a former state assemblyman.

Partisan politics making it impossible to govern

Re Vincent F. Carelli’s May 23 letter [“Stop playing politics, start solving problems”]: Boy, did he ever hit the nail on the head.

There was not one word of his letter that could be questioned by any politician in this country. Our poor president does not have a prayer with a lot of our elected officials out to get him.

If every registered voter were to send their elected congressman a copy of Mr. Carelli’s letter, it might shake things up a little in our beautiful country.

Diane Fregeau

Ballston Spa

Good schools worth paying for in Niskayuna

The Niskayuna school budget was defeated in last week’s election [May 22 Gazette]. The school board will now work on another budget that we will be asked to vote on June 18.

Like many of my fellow citizens, I was initially against the proposed school tax hike. I was wrong. The increase is not to obtain more money for the district, but to try to make up for decreases in other funding while maintaining excellence in education.

There are no easy cuts left. Good schools are expensive. Good teachers are expensive. If I tried to spend all day in front of one of my daughters’ classrooms, I would be pulled out at the end, either in a straitjacket or handcuffs. The people who can do this difficult and critical work are worth our support.

We trust our schools with our children all day every day. Let’s also trust them to know what they need to do their jobs.

Howard Schlossberg


Remember the heroes who fought for our country

Memorial Day is one of respect, honor, gratitude and admiration. It has a special meaning for all of us. The old saying that freedom isn’t free rings loud and clear.

In February 2009, 1st Lt. Jared W. Southworth was killed in action in Afghanistan. He left behind a wife, four young children and a loving extended family. Like so many others who have fallen, Jared laid down his life so we can enjoy ours.

What many see as a motto, “God, family and country,” was a way of life to Jared and so many others — like PFC David Taylor Miller, Capt. John J. McKenna IV and Lance Cpt. Anthony J. Denier. The courage and dedication to put one’s self in harm’s way is something only a few are willing to do. Let us never forget selfless sacrifice. We owe them all a debt we can never repay.

Although it has broken our hearts to have lost a loved one, we can take comfort in the fact that Jared, like so many, wanted to be there defending our country. Like all who have fallen before them and will fall in the future, let us give thanks for those American heroes.

Not only on this day, but every day, let us honor and salute our fallen brothers and sisters who have truly given us the land of the free and home of the brave. As many hearts ache for their loss, including ours, let their memories never fade.

Patti Southworth

Ballston Lake

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May 27, 2013
2:13 p.m.
tonijean613 says...

My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones to these never ending wars. As honorable and dedicated to our country all soldiers are, we must not lose sight of the fact that the wars in Iraq and Afganistan were based on lies and should never have been fought to in the first place. Bush and his administration responsible for lying to the American public have yet to be prosecuted. So I challenge everyone who truly appreciates those who have given up their lives to defend America in military service, that they work to end these wars so not one more family like Ms Southworth's suffers. We owe it to all military members. To end unjust wars, and to hold those who initiate wars based on lies accountable. To me this is the highest possible way to honor those have and those who continue to serve.

May 27, 2013
11:01 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Tonnijean, get a clue, the intel that Bush had was the same intel from multiple intelligence agencies around the world. Suddam was threatening to use WMD's he had poisoned thousands of his people with chemical weapons and he threw out the U.N. inspectors. Let's also not forget these wars were authorized by BOTH houses of Congress and would not have been necessary had it not been for Carter, another lib. I think that liberals should be held accountable and I think that Jane Fonda should have been tried and executed for treason. Your President Obama is threatening to go to war with Syria with far less proof than Bush had, what do you say about that. Oh wait, Obama is different.

May 27, 2013
11:16 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

So much (well almost all) of what you stated is so factually inaccurate, that I don't know where to start.

At least the Tea Party is destroying the GOP, so there's that I guess.
Thank You.

Ummm, "your president"?
Which chickenhawk member of the right wing drivel and noise machine formed THAT thought for you?

May 28, 2013
6:42 a.m.
wmarincic says...

fritzdawg you are like a business partner that I was going to have a few months ago, I spent hours and a good deal of money on the company logo and design. The third partners said that "Connor does not like the logo and design", so at the next meeting I bring up the logo and ask what ideas he had and what he would like to see changed. He responded that he did not have an idea and did not know what changes he wanted. he just didn't like it. Well I dissolved my part of that partnership the following week. You are the same, you say it is not true but offer no facts. You call the conservative party chicken hawks, not many people know that is a homosexual reference and BTW, it is the liberals that advocate the anything goes and if it feels good do it line.

May 28, 2013
7:42 a.m.
gina99 says...

The Democrats are equally silent on their local fiscal incompetence. 700+ property owners in the City are losing everything because of the Democratic inability to budget or make necessary cuts. This is also termed renaissance. Wait until the new County Home hits your tax bill.

May 29, 2013
5:57 a.m.
Phils2008 says...

wmarincic,you cant win an argument with fritdawg, because he is unable to be both logical and rational. Im sure he has no clue what Carter unleashed with the Ayatollah in Iran and is equally clueless about Clinton. The Democrat line is that Bush lied. He takes a political slogan used to smear a good man and decides its a fact with absolutely no understanding of what the real facts are. Its is a sad commentary on the shear ignorance of the average Democrat voter. That party thrives and depends on members that are beyond low information. Members that can be moved by simplistic jingles and tripe. Low information? Its more like no information. Just ask any Democrat who this guy Ben Ghazi is. Its enough to make you cry.

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