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More time in the classroom is a good idea

Hannah Dhanessur
Hannah Dhanessur
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Gov. Andrew Coumo wants to increase the length of time students in New York state go to school. The United States is falling behind in education compared to other countries, such as China, South Korea, and Canada.

I agree with Gov. Coumo that we do need more education at an earlier age. He suggests that we go to school half an hour longer each day. Most students would not notice an additional 30 minutes because it will be divided into all different classes. Instead of a 30-minute class, you will have a 35- or 40-minute class. A half-hour is not much time, but if you add it all together, it is about 10 hours a month or about 100 hours each school year.

Another idea that I think will also help is to go to school all year. If we do this, we can enjoy all the seasons and not forget the work we learned through the school year. The 10 weeks of summer could be divided into smaller vacations through the school year. This will also help teachers because many times they have to reteach after a long vacation.

If New York state does this, we can be ranked one of the highest states again.



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