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Don’t blame cats for killing birds, blame the cats’ owners

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Don’t blame cats for killing birds, blame the cats’ owners I was relieved by the March 12 letter by Nancy Castillo from Wild Birds Unlimited, that birds are indeed around where it is safe. Like many, I love birds and all of nature and wildlife. However, being an owner of pets, including cats, I must come to the defense of felines and provide some insight to educate those who are unaware of a few facts ...

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March 22, 2013
3:43 a.m.

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RE: Semp - Perhaps the major news agencies did not feel that the facts warranted rousing the rables. The Daily Caller debunked this false info on Feb 26, 2013. I quote:

"The ammunition being purchased is “Commercial Lead Training Ammo” — or CLTA, in government speak.
There are three components to the order:
1. .40 caliber, 165 grain jacketed hollow point rounds
2. 9mm, 115 grain jacketed hollow point rounds
3. 9mm, 124 grain ball ammunition
On February 7, three sources — the Examiner, The Blaze and InfoWars – claimed that the DHS was adding 21,600,000 rounds of ammunition to its stockpile.
The next day, reported the 21,600,000 round purchased by DHS.
The Daily Caller has reviewed the purchase solicitation and has determined that those reports are wildly inaccurate.
Section 20 of the solicitation outlines the “Schedule of Supplies/Services,” which details the purchase for each of the three components. The first two components, .40 caliber and 9mm 115 grain jhp rounds, specify 100,000 rounds to be priced per 1,000 rounds. The third component, 9mm 124 grain ball ammo, specifies 40,000 rounds to be priced per 1,000 rounds.
The incorrect calculations that brought reporters to the 21.6 million number looks like this for each component:
1. .40 cal. 100,000 rounds x 100 quantities = 10,000,000 rounds
2. 9mm 115 grain, 100,000 rounds x 100 quantities = 10,000,000 rounds
3. 9mm 124 grain ball, 40,000 rounds x 40 quantities = 1,600,000 rounds
Total = 21,600,000 rounds
The problem with the equation is that the wrong numbers were used to calculate the delivery. The error in reporting occurred because the authors mistakenly failed to recognize that the delivery was to be priced per 1,000 rounds.
Here are the correct calculations:
1. .40 cal. 100 quantities of a 1,000 round unit = 100,000 rounds
2. 9mm 115 grain, 100 quantities of a 1,000 round unit = 100,000 rounds
3. 9mm 124 grain ball, 40 quantities of a 1,000 round unit = 40,000 rounds
Total = 240,000 rounds
To directly answer the rumors: Did the Department of Homeland Security just request to purchase 21,600,000 rounds of handgun ammo? No, not by a long shot."

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March 22, 2013
10:56 a.m.

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janesjoy, FYI practice round ammo for instance for a .40 caliber is 135 or 155 grain, 165 grain and higher is killing ammo. I could explain the same for all of that ammo. Also you are using some obsolete liberl site for your info. Maybe you should use Forbes or one of the other outlets such as

March 22, 2013
12:06 p.m.

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My opinion of the recent purchases of huge ammounts of ammunition, rifles, and armored vehicles by Homeland Security, aka Obama Administration:
The administration is afraid, that as they continue on their course of doing what they please and citizenz be damned, that when the citizens disagree, rally and protest the tyranny of the government, the administration will have the ability to forcibly put down any resistance by the population. Why else? Any civil unrest in any given State should be able to be quelled by that States National Guard, called out by the govenour of that state. Not good enough for "Big Brother"

March 22, 2013
3:02 p.m.

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wmarincic - did you even read my comment? I cited my source and the date of the posting. I should know better by now. You will always have THE answer to everything. No compormise or discussion because you always talk louder and and don't seem to need to take a breath. No other idea could possibly be even considered.

cfield - Homeland Security was established under President Bush. Actually, with all the nuts out there ammassing assault weapons, I would be happy to have some agency protecting the unarmed with their armories.

March 22, 2013
7:48 p.m.

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cfield- really?! It seems like you have defined political paranoia. Do you really think enough Americans would get off their arses to revolt? Or are you expecting another Kent State?
I'm inclined to agree with janesjoy, that it's only a matter of time before some psycho cuts loose with an assault rifle (or worse) in an airport, train station, subway, etc. HSA agents on site could respond far more quickly than a police SWAT team. To accomplish that, the agents need to be well armed, armored and practiced. Hence, large purchases, regardless of the number of zeros in the quantity.

March 22, 2013
10:25 p.m.

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janesjoy I saw it hence my response. Newsworthy are you kidding me? I think Hitler probably said the same thing in 1934. Maybe you should read this newsworthy. This sure sounds like Obama with his gus, ammo and his share the wealth doesn't it. History has a way of repeatiing itself when people don't learn by it.