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Cellphone theft worth stopping

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Smartphones are the latest favorite target of street criminals, which seems a bit surprising considering that each contains a GPS that would make it easy for police to track them down — if they were so inclined. Cops aren’t, but maybe should be, given that a lot of the “Apple-picking” — so-called because many of the thefts involve Apple’s popular iPhone — has been accompanied by serious violence. Even if the original thief wasn’t caught, ...

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June 7, 2013
7:11 a.m.

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Just because an IPhone is showing at a particular address does not mean the Police can go get it. They need a warrant and the person may just be visiting that address. Why is it always the cops fault with the Gazette?

June 7, 2013
7:50 a.m.

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Few questions:

Theft of a phone involving violence would be categorized as a robbery - which police department is not investigating robberies?

Also, what is the policy of the departments in the Capital District? By saying "cops" as opposed to pointing to a certain department creates the impression that is the policy of the local departments. Thus, being vague is a way to take a swipe at the police.

Pretty disturbing allegation - I'd like to see how the writer arrived at the allegation.

June 7, 2013
8:25 a.m.

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When is do nothing AG Schneiderman starting an investigation into Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver? When will he start fighting public corruption that permeates the Albany cesspool? The police have bigger fish to fry. Like solving murder and rape cases.

June 7, 2013
5:23 p.m.

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Good point gina99, the police have their hands full with the sexual assults that are committed by the State legislature and it's staff.

June 11, 2013
3:52 p.m.

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Stealing things is already a crime.

We don't need special laws and regulations just because of WHAT the item is.

Let the ability to disable be a feature manufacturers decide whether or not to offer. Let the market decide if the feature is worth paying for.