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Demolition now recommended for old Schenectady social services building

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There’s no love lost for the former Department of Social Services building. The Galesi Group, which now owns the historic building on Nott Street, is fully in support of the City Council’s proposal to demolish it. Galesi COO David Buicko said demolition would be much cheaper, and easier, than rehabilitating it. And, he added, the city wouldn’t lose much. “Do I think it’s a beautiful building? No,” he said. It was built as an elementary ...

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July 4, 2013
5:45 p.m.

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Is this how it was decided to demolish Union Station and Schenectady High School? and The Steinmetz home? Where is the Historic Commission?

July 4, 2013
6:26 p.m.

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Besides the below INTERESTING statistics - there are equally interesting examples of properties where owners are assessed FAR LESS!! than they recently paid for the property. hint: look in the GE Realty Plot

Appears that NO ONE looks at the assessments up and down their own street to see the GROSS INEQUITIES in assessed values!

1024 Eastern Ave For Sale: $69,000 Tax Assessment $120,000.
149 Elmer Ave For Sale: $79,250 Tax assessment: $102,000.
1386 Lowell Rd Sold on 5/21/13: $60,00 Tax assessment: $303,400.
1070 Glenwood Blvd Sold on 10/6/11: $65,000 Tax assessment: $155,600.
1035 Park Ave Sold on 12/3/12: $97,000 Tax assessment: $170,600

and on and on .. and on!

1232 Union St Sold on 6/8/12: $49,900 Tax assessment: $142,000
851 Union St Sold on 2/7/12: $83,500 Tax assessment: $122,800
1232 Union St Sold on 6/8/12: $49,900 Tax assessment: $142,000
1036 Eastern Ave Sold on 1/30/12: $73,000 Tax assessment: $111,200
1170 Oxford Pl Sold on 5/9/12: $101,000 Tax assessment: $133,400