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Dems may spend more, but at least they aren’t doing it to help the rich

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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Dems may spend more, but at least they aren’t doing it to help the rich

The Democrat motto is “tax and spend.” The Republican motto is “don’t tax, just spend.”

Historically, Republicans were better than Democrats at running deficits. Check the website, “U.S. Federal Deficits, Presidents and Congress” by Stephen Bloch. One of his key findings: “the G.W. Bush administration ... oversaw 3.7 times as much increase in [inflation-adjusted] federal budget deficits [in eight years] as the FDR administration [did in 12 years].”

“In my lifetime (1964), every Democratic president has left office with a smaller deficit than he inherited, and every Republican president, except Nixon, left office with a larger deficit than he inherited.”

Reagan increased the debt by over $4 trillion in 2013 dollars, cut social programs, didn’t increase the minimum wage, increased our dependence on foreign oil, cut subsidies for our solar industry, all jeopardizing our long-term national security.

Reagan, father of unsustainable debt, and Bush promoted excessive spending on the military-industrial complex (winner of World War II, President Dwight Eisenhower, who ran a budget surplus, warned against this); both presidents provided corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich benefiting the rich.

President Obama ran up massive public debt after the worst recession since the Great Depression to benefit the middle class and poor with investments in social programs.

Take your pick — run up public debt to benefit the rich (Republicans) or run up less public debt to benefit the middle class and poor (Democrats).

Richard Moody Jr.


Little reason to denigrate Schenectady trash service

When I read John Watrous’ Dec. 15 opinion piece, “Sch’dy officials need to talk trash as recycling rates hit rock bottom,” my first reaction was that it was very critical of the city administration. I think the headline led me to this conclusion.

Mr. Watrous advocates for an incentive system to increase recycling. Considering the $30,000 public education fund available, that may not be enough to outfit all the trucks with the necessary computer systems to make this possible. But it does sound worth looking into.

As a member of the Schenectady Recycles! committee John refers to, we have met with the city administration a number of times. They are to be commended for much of the work they do. With limited resources and a difficult situation, the services they provide deserve at least honorable mention. In surrounding communities that provide single-stream recycling, each resident has to contract with a private hauler for a fee in the $30-plus range each month, usually just for one can of garbage and one of recycling.

Schenectady provides not only garbage and recycling pick-up, but also yard waste, e-waste and large bulk items such as sofas and refrigerators. When you think about it, this is very much in response to the material left on the curb in many neighborhoods. If the city didn’t provide this service, what would become of these items? And the fee they charge is only $18.50 per month.

As Mr. Watrous points out, the fee would be lower if more people did more recycling. Schenectady Recycles! is looking for ways to reach out through neighborhood associations and other civic-minded organizations.

If you would like to help, go to GreenUp Schenectady [] and scroll down to “leave a reply” at the bottom of the page.

Nancy J. Peterson


Putting the Christ back in Christmas

I would like to thank whoever placed those “Merry CHRISTmas” wishes on several billboards around the area. It is so refreshing to be reminded to thank Jesus for what he has come down on earth to do for us.

I do hope others will be filled with peace from it. I always add this phrase this very way on my own Christmas cards. You will blessed for spreading his word. Thank you for sweet Jesus and have a blessed Christmas!

Elaine Willi


Emulate Mandela, don’t denigrate him

Re Dec. 13 letter, “No to Gettysburg, yes to Mandela?”: I was disgusted by the letter from Mike Blyskal.

Regardless of one’s feelings about President Obama, to attempt to sully the reputation of one of the greatest human rights leaders of the 20th century by calling him a “Marxist terrorist” is unacceptable.

Nelson Mandela endured decades of prison and torture in response to his work to rid South Africa of apartheid and yet, still came out of prison with love in his heart and a desire to forgive and heal old wounds.

Americans of all stripes today can stand to learn a lot from Mr. Mandela when it comes to forgiveness and love.

Eric Barnes


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December 18, 2013
7:56 a.m.
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BROBERTS1 says...

Richard, Here we go again, lets blame G W for everything! I'm sure it is his fault Obamacare is not working. He messed up the internet so all these people could not sign up for their insurance.

December 18, 2013
1:16 p.m.
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amermike says...

Thank you Mr. Moody for your letter. That says it all in a nutshell. Re: Roberts' previous comment, I guess the best approach when you can't dispute the facts, is to redirect the conversation.

December 18, 2013
6:44 p.m.
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Phils2008 says...

amermike, are these "facts" just because a liberal states them? You never looked into any of this and you regurgitate it as a "fact". Here's a fact you choose to ignore, the democrats had all three branches and ran up the deficit and the debt. Now you'll say that was because of Republicans but then you'll completely dismiss the Republicans who gave Clinton a supposed surplus. Why? Because you people are blatant hypocrites. Every Democrat President has had Republican Congresses willing to cut spending, every Republican president has had Democrat Congresses willing to spend like drunken sailors. The facts this kid omits are that from 64 to 95 Democrats owned Congress. Amazingly the year they lost it, Clinton benefited. It didnt matter how much Reagan increased revenues (391 billion), the Democrats found a way to increase spending 465 Billion. The simple fact, and it is a fact, is that Democrats raise taxes to support their insatiable desire to spend and buy votes. they will never balance a budget on their own. It is theoretically impossible.

December 18, 2013
8:02 p.m.
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Phils2008 says...

Hey Richard, I'll read anything you have that disputes this.

December 19, 2013
7:10 a.m.
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cfield says...

MR Mooody- Regardless of Democrat or Republican, the fact of the matter is that the middle and lower classes in this country pay 99% of the taxes.I am not speaking of income taxes that only comprises a small percentage of the taxes collected in this country.
Are you aware of the hundreds of hidden taxes paid by the 95% of the nations middle and lower classes that obviously you're no aware of.So remember it does'nt matter which party is in charge the end result is always the same.


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