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Unfilled seats a big problem for Sch’dy police review board

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
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Unfilled seats a big problem for Sch’dy police review board

The League of Women Voters of Schenectady County continues to be concerned that the Schenectady City Police Review Board is presently facing the inability to act in a timely manner in response to complaints, due to the number of unfilled seats on the board.

With its current number of filled seats, the board is unable to act when more than one sitting member is absent at a meeting, which causes the board to lack a quorum to conduct its business. The current vacant seats need to be filled by appointments of the Municipal Housing Authority, the mayor, and the City Council.

These appointments to the board need to be expedited so that the work of this body can proceed. We would also urge that the legislation be amended by the City Council to allow for a broader pool of candidates from the minority community, since there is no active chapter of the NAACP in Schenectady at the present time, and one of the unfilled seats is designated for the NAACP.

This board is needed and should play an important part in the handling of complaints related to the police department, but is currently unable to be effective due to unfilled seats.

Carol Furman


The writer is the Steering Committee leader for the League of Women Voters of Schenectady County.

Stop giving illegals keys to our country

Re the Dec. 1 letter [by Salvador Rivera], “Immigration reform merits Gibson’s vote”: It is amazing to me that illegal immigrants are in this county by the tens of millions (the vast majority being of Hispanic ancestry), with no real worries of being caught and deported. It is also amazing that certain groups in this country want them to stay. The Democrats want them for their vote, the Catholic Church wants them to stay because the Hispanics are Catholic, and the other Hispanics want them to increase their population.

Mr. Rivera states that our immigration laws are broken. I disagree. There is a procedure to follow; they choose to ignore it, and enjoy an illegal life in this country with little fear.

These illegals take jobs; our schools are made to teach them in their native language Spanish until they can learn English; they are allowed driver’s licenses; and Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer wants to give them college assistance.

To stop this, the United States must secure our borders with armed military troops (as most other countries in the world do). Our Border Patrol and U.S. marshals can be freed up to track down the illegals, and people who out overstay their travel visas and college students from foreign countries who refuse to leave.

This would also make it impossible for terrorists to enter, and maybe we can back to a life without armed security in our airports and sporting events.

Jay Janczak

Ballston Spa

Movie became reality for ‘Fast & Furious’ star

If ever there was a case of “live by the sword, die by the sword,” it would be the recent car crash death of Paul Walker, star of the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise[Dec. 4 Gazette]. These movies have been the inspiration for millions of speeders, weavers, tailgaters, and red-light runners.

Before I stopped going to movie theaters altogether, I saw a trailer for the first “Fast & Furious” movie. I thought to myself that it had to be about the most morally odious movie ever made, the equivalent of hard-core pornography for aggressive drivers. Of course, Hollywood, ever eager to pander to the lowest common denominator, enthusiastically made five more of them.

Charlie Stephens


Reagan was no great supporter of Mandela

I, like most people in this world, heard about Nelson Mandela’s death last week.

One news report showed Ronald Reagan demanding Mandela’s release from prison. But all the news stations failed to mention that Reagan vetoed a bill that would have imposed sanctions against the South African government, only to be overridden by Congress; and he also classified the ANC [African National Congress] as a terrorist organization.

K.C. Halloran


Do non-STAR filers expect a bailout from the state?

I read with interest that the majority of New Yorkers have not yet applied or reapplied for the STAR program, even though those notices were sent out some months ago[Dec. 4 Gazette].

Just wondering if perhaps these people were hoping that the state would be willing to pick up their school taxes, the same way that Schenectady picked up the tax liens of the religious buildings. That freed the owners of such buildings from the debt they should have known was due, since none seemed to be new to the area and at one time did apply for tax-exemption on their property.

Bonita Cade


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December 11, 2013
11:24 a.m.
+0 votes
biwemple says...

Most democratic countries in the world typically do not have armed troops on their borders, but they do enforce their immigration laws more stringently than the US does for sure. I'm all for immigrants taking a chance on getting the 'American dream', however, it has to be legal immigration, and if you are here illegally you need to be sent home and try the legal route. It's not impossible, I have relatives who immigrated legally and are very productive citizens here now for decades. Previous immigrants only asked for a chance to become a citizen when they arrived in the early 20th century en-masse and they earned their citizenship through hard-work, education, and sacrifice at their own expense. It definitely was not easy, but it was earned, not given to them, and they cherish that citizenship all the more so.

December 11, 2013
3:36 p.m.
+0 votes
pollywog says...

Probably most "illegals" would jump at the chance to become citizens. Unfortunately they don't have a path....they can't just take a test....and we tend to forget about how necessary they are. What job did anyone ever take away from you, Biwemple? Do you harvest apples? Mow lawns?

December 11, 2013
6:58 p.m.
+0 votes
wmarincic says...

Polliwog. No we pay taxes on the schools their kids go to. We pay the taxes for the welfare their children get. We pay for the infrastructure that allows them to live. Illegal is illegal. Period.

December 12, 2013
6:29 a.m.
+0 votes
Phils2008 says...

You told him pollywog! Since when didn't illegals have a path to citizenship? Is following the law a bit too much to ask? A 1994 refugee survey found that 43% of illegals were receiving some form of cash assistance. That's before an additional 20 years of liberals running states and the country. We are Mexico's default welfare program. Why do you think Mexico's President wants no boarder security? As soon as you pass amnesty you libs will demand more welfare money to assist them. The only pathway you're creating is the one that bankrupts America.

December 12, 2013
7:39 a.m.
+0 votes
biwemple says...

Pollywog: I work for a company that has dozens of people who've immigrated here from all over the world. They applied for the job, obtained a visa, then over time they eventually became citizens via the legal route. They did not sneak in, have children as 'anchor babies' once across, nor applied for public assistance while here. They busted their humps to earn a chance at a job here and got it legally, and they were not privileged kids in their foreign lands either. There are paths, but its gotten so easy to take the illegal route, many don't bother with the process anymore. No illegal alien has taken a job from me personally, but they sure get exploited as a cheap labor source in order to keep wages and prices low.

December 12, 2013
8:28 a.m.
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gina99 says...

Carol-The problem is with the Mayor, Council and MHA who refuse to forward applicants. This process like DSIC should be opened up. Let individuals apply directly to the head of the police review board with going through the machine run around. Schenectady has more pressing issues that the LWV should be worried about. Like term limits and public financing of campaigns.

December 13, 2013
11:05 a.m.
+0 votes
tonijean613 says...

JJ- People are not illegal ! Those who continue to refer to people who cross the border breaking a US law bec they are not able to eat and survive in Mexico lack any compassion or heart and have clearly never been in position of food insecurity. You just by pure luck were born in a wealthy country. Why should any person rich or poor be denied the opportunity to move or live where ever in the world they may want to whether for survival or pleasure?

December 13, 2013
5:01 p.m.
+0 votes
wmarincic says...

Because Tonijean if you just open the borders then we will become the same craphole these people left. look at California with the out of control gangs and murder and over crowded prisons caused by illegals . You liberal loons just don't have a clue. Let's destroy our country so you can feel good, we have immigration laws for a reason and the most important one is because our infrastructure which is schools, roads, utilities, hospitals etc. can only handle so many people. Do you have a grasp on reality?


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