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Longtime downtown store to shut doors

Rudnick’s closing after 72 years as business declines

Co-owner Linda Tolokonsky stands in front of Rudnick's in this 2005 photo. (Gazette file photo)
Co-owner Linda Tolokonsky stands in front of Rudnick's in this 2005 photo. (Gazette file photo)
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After nearly 72 years in downtown Schenectady, Rudnick’s is closing. The retail business has dried up, owner Linda Tolokonsky said. And while the uniform business is still good, it doesn’t need three buildings, all three to four stories tall, and the taxes that go along with so much real estate. She pays $25,000 a year in taxes, she said — and that’s before adding in sewer, water and trash fees. Then there’s the cost to ...

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April 2, 2013
7:43 a.m.

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Linda is right. There is very little retail in downtown Schenectady. No variety what so ever. Sorry to see Rudnicks close. Best of luck and thanks for the years of service and memories!

April 2, 2013
8:12 a.m.

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The result of cheap products from China and big box stores. Too bad, good luck on your future endeavor.

April 2, 2013
8:30 a.m.

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I'm sorry to see Rudnick's go. I'm not sure what could have kept them afloat. But this article makes me think about Metroplex too. Ray Gillen is a nice man with good intentions. But he also is just a man. A human like you and me. He has no brilliance or magic solutions. A group of men and women sitting in a room, deciding the winners and losers in our system, is doomed to fail. It truncates the system of rewards/punishments set in motion once capitalism is unleashed. The Mastermind works his magic, and when that magic doesn't yield favorable results, the Mastermind says we have to do more. Can you imagine a time when Metroplex would trumpet its own demise? Would there ever be a time when they would ask to give back the 0.50% sales tax levy to the consumer; declaring victory and closing down? It'll never happen. That's because the mastermind's work is never done.

April 2, 2013
3:54 p.m.

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It was a good run.......Now may be we can get a good Not for take over the building and make a screaming success as we have seen in the recent years with all the progress of the "Renaissance" of Downtown....I am willing to keep donating to the cause and supporting our leader Ray Gillen and his bloated public salary. The greatest looking two blocks in the whole city!....It is good thing we are pumping money into the Erie project!

April 2, 2013
6:22 p.m.

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“New establishments open almost on a weekly basis,”
And establishments seem to close on a weekly basis too. How's turnover been on Jay Street? Sounds like a net zero to me.

Erie Blvd looks like a war zone (and I don't mean the part under construction) with no plan to fix it.
State street has two sorta nice blocks, but under the rail bridge looks like a slum. How about some lighting, any lighting? How about putting a couple guys with power washers to work? And how about some clue as to what to do with State west of Erie.
No one feels comfortable walking the streets because the only cops you see are passing quickly by in their nice cars.

Schenectady and Metroplex's efforts have only proven to be shallow and unfocused, and that will inevitably make people suspicious. No amount of Happy Talk will change it. To paraphrase Mr. McGuire in The Graduate: the future is in infrastructure.