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Ground beef supply temporarily grinds to halt at one Clifton Park Price Chopper store

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— Avoid a wasted trip for ground beef.

The Price Chopper supermarket at the intersection of routes 146 and 146A in Clifton Park is out of hamburger for the time being.

Spokeswoman Mona Golub wanted to reassure the public there’s no recall.

“We had a mechanical issue with the grinder in that store,” she said today. “The meat grinder stopped working, so it’s being repaired right now.”

Anyone who needs ground beef in the meantime can stop by other Price Chopper stores up the road. There is one a few miles east, located off Clifton Country Road just before the Northway.



September 25, 2012
2:39 p.m.

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There's a Hannaford right across the road... they have plenty of ground beef. Perhaps The Daily Gazette could have a new blog, entitled, *Public Service Announcements*... that way, announcements like this, and the article the other day about the private home for sale on Niska Isle, wouldn't smack so much like free advertisement!

September 25, 2012
3:27 p.m.

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There's a Hannaford across the street? I think you're confused about the location of this store. You're thinking of the one near 146 and Route 9.

September 26, 2012
6:12 a.m.

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rswanker... oh, yes, you're right. I sometimes forget about that Price Chopper. Still and all, the Gazette took it upon themselves to offer another Price Chopper nearby when in fact there are other grocery stores nearby also that they could have mentioned. I find this trend with the Gazette to be free advertising and I'm wondering how I get to have my business advertised for free and my house (for sale) advertised for free!