Romney/Ryan’s position shifted too many times

Saturday, October 27, 2012
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Romney/Ryan’s position shifted too many times

In order to accept the Romney/Ryan plan for fixing the economy, you will need to simply trust a team that has shifted its stance on a number of issues.

It also requires you to accept that experts are in on a conspiracy to criticize their plan, in an effort to bolster President Obama’s record. The Bush economic plan has been discussed at length, and despite his best efforts to kick-start a faltering economy with tax cuts for the wealthy, the record shows a continued rate of decline. When asked about this data, Paul Ryan explained: “Some of this is just timing, not the person.”

So, do we trust a team that seems unable to take a firm stance on issues — e.g. women’s rights, doing away with Medicare — and won’t reveal the specifics of what is in store for us if elected? Or do we assess historical facts and opinions from experts like the Tax Policy Center? That analysis of the GOP’s plan says the math simply doesn’t add up.

Ryan would have you believe six studies approve his plan. What he doesn’t say is three of them are from “bloggers” with no credibility in economics. This was my worst subject in school, and I don’t know a macro from a micro. What I do know is I trust experts in this field with no skin in the game, except to give us an honest analysis of the data — that is, if you’re interested in the facts.

Linda Walczak


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October 27, 2012
7:46 a.m.
wmarincic says...

Actually their policy has NEVER shifted, Obama says it has but he is a proven LIAR. Put down the Kool-Aid and have a nice glass of Tea. And Obama said on Leno that he has a problem with 9th grade math. Ryan is the head of the Congressional Budget Committee. Duh.

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