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Erie Blvd. businesses ready for a break

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Erie Boulevard business owners are looking forward to the winter — because it will give them a break from the construction zone outside their windows. Business owners say they’re enthusiastic about the redesigned boulevard, and that communication has been unusually good. They can follow every facet of the project through the website. But nothing can make them enjoy the daily gridlock outside their doors. At Wolberg Lighting Design & Electrical Supply, customers have been ...

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November 19, 2012
7:36 a.m.

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What's the status of the old Trustco HQ which Ray Gillen purchased and taken off the tax rolls?

November 19, 2012
7:51 a.m.

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Nobody likes construction, but everybody likes, and will reap the benefits of, the finished re-design. So to say the Erie Blvd. business owners need a break... well... you can't have it both ways you know.

November 19, 2012
10 a.m.

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Who did and is this benefiting?....With the exception of Ray Gillen and his $171,000+ county Salary?...Really? Newyorker65?....The financial mess the city is in, there was no support except from those in the pockets of the taxpayers to benefit from the construction....Talk to Eastern Typewriter & Office Supply to United Appliance Parts...who had to leave because of the harm this project has done to them and their business....Really?...nobody likes construction?.....Ray Gillen Does...Metroplex does.....You know who doesn't the merchants and the TAX PAYERS PAYING FOR THIS WHITE WHALE!!!!......The Two Blocks Downtown is the same thing...Full of not for profits and Pilot programs sucking the life out the TAX PAYERS.....We can not support the snake oil, pie in the sky convoluted metroplex welfare programs to support Ray Gillen's bloated County Salary.....Next is the Alco, condo neighborhood...all the neighborhoods are going to seed and construction is the answer?...All not for profits and phony baloney Pilot programs....Nothing is making a difference in the Tax base for the city in these projects....“There is a tremendous amount of interest in investing along the corridor now that businesses see the work is under way,” Gillen added. “You cannot have a thriving Schenectady and leave Erie the way it was.”........You can not have a thriving Schenectady by bleeding the TAX PAYERS to pay for these boondoggles...There was nothing wrong with Erie Blvd for 100 years!!!!!....These scams and abuse on the taxpayers to line the pockets of a select few has got to stop and end before the city is in financial rui....oh that's right we already are in financial ruin...and the last nail in the Schenectady Coffin was the County Tax Deal The Capo Gardener, Gary Hughes and Co. sold to the Mc Carthy, Perazzo, King, Brucker, Erickson, and Porterfield!!! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye,, me, me, me, me, By the Party, for the Party to form a corrupt divisive tool to drain the Tax Payer of any money they have....