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Support for Obama survives turnout dip

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Barack Obama appears to have carried a greater percentage of votes in New York on Election Day 2012 than any presidential candidate since Lyndon Johnson. Preliminary results suggest the president roughly equalled the 62.8 percent of the vote he secured in 2008, the second highest percentage achieved by a Democratic candidate in the Empire State. Johnson, who ran against ultra-conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964, achieved 68.6 percent of the vote during his landslide victory the ...

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November 8, 2012
2:38 p.m.

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Why aren't reporters/citizens questioning the fact that none of us can truly know if the Electronic ( secret counting) machines - are actually giving the results of the ballots entered- we should be calling them "scammers"- because they dont show you that your vote is being tallied to the candidate you choose, only what number voter you are. Nor are the actual ballots ever counted to verify they match machine results. Citizens are not allowed to observe the close of polls or examine the poll books to see if at least the number of voters matches total votes and that no early or last minute ballot stuffing has taken place,etc. Absentee ballots are not even counted on election day, nor are Absentee ballots even sealed with tamper proof stickers, nor can you track your absentee ballot, etc etc.. The reality is the scanners can be programmed to count your votes anyway the programmer chooses without any election official or poll worker being able to detect any fraud. The election officials say Trust Us. Citizens should say - SORRY- NO! Your process and scanners are not trustworthy! I say SHOW US - and count the ballots in public view at close of polls before any are transfered to a back room. Lastly, if you complete an absentee ballot- you immediately give up the privacy of your vote to the election person opening your ballot. So why aren't absentee ballots at least numbered, or signed in order to be able to track it so insiders cant tamper with it or replace it with one of their own? The list goes on...The system we have in place now is secret vote counting. It may feel good to show up and vote in 10 minutes and get results the minute the polls close, and that your Absentee ballot is safe in the election officials offices -but it should not give anyone any comfort that the results are true or legitimate until the actual vote counting of all ballots is transparent to citizens. documents all the electronic vote switching that is occuring today across the country.