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Aiming higher, some districts took a hit

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It’s not easy having your budget defeated by the voters this year if you’re a school administration. In the first place, if you were trying to raise taxes beyond what a new state formula permitted, you needed 60 percent approval, and then, if you lost, you no longer had a so-called contingency budget to fall back on that is almost the same as the rejected budget and maybe even bigger. Under the new tax-cap regime, ...

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May 17, 2012
8:46 p.m.

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Of course you thought this day would come. You hate teachers and education. As a teacher, I work hard to make sure my students learn and suceed. I have a BS degree in Cheistry and two Masters degrees, one in Statistics. I love teaching and I love my students, but according to you I only work for the money. My degrees are in math and science. I could make so much more in the private sector, but I choose to teach to the future mathematicians and scientists. Most of us teachers teach to benefit the students, but because of people like you, we have to justify our choice to be an educator. What teacher hurt you so much that you despise us so much?

May 18, 2012
7:03 a.m.

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Carl Strock's opinion is very main stream, especially in the tax paying private sector. Your second sentence is the typical canned response to those who even suggest fiscal responsibilty. Call names and hurl insults.

You boast of degree upon degree, implying that just because of some pieces of paper, you are entitled without question to self determined compensation. Following that logic, since I don't have a high school diploma, I shouldn't have to pay the confiscatory school taxes I'm forced to pay in the many towns(and other states) where I own property.

If you are as smart as you imply in your post, why do you need a union to do your bargaining?

May 18, 2012
9:43 a.m.

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arthursk - Most teachers I know, like you, love teaching. The difference I see is that, unlike teachers I've had experience with, they can see beyond themselves. Congrats on your devotion and accomplishment of accumulating those degrees. Beyond bragging, I trust you're doing students some good.

My beef is not with teachers per se, but in bloated administrations that give public education a bad name. Also, NYSUT who takes your union dues to lobby lawmakers to make sure the comfy system continues even though the rest of us are facing tough times.

Please remember, arthursk, who pays your salary and benefits...

May 18, 2012
4:59 p.m.

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I don't have a problem with teachers, I have a problem with unions and the fact that once a teacher has tenure it takes an act of God to get rid of them, no matter how poorly they teach. Unions are destroying this country and your union dues are used to buy politicians who make laws that allow unions to buy their votes.