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Smoking may be banned in Schenectady parks

Playgrounds, pools already covered

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For now, smokers watching their children at city playgrounds can step away and light a cigarette. But that may soon be illegal. The City Council is considering a ban on smoking in all parks — an extension of the current ban at playgrounds and pools. It would mean smokers must walk out to the road to smoke — or wait. “We shouldn’t have smoking in the parks, because the parks are someplace to go for ...

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July 26, 2012
12:56 a.m.

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im glad schenectady is not in the vanguard in the elimination of Liberty. vehicular petroleum combustion is bad for you health, but there are parking spaces in the parks, even roads, hot dogs are bad for your health, twinkies are bad for your health..... where does it end? the mandated optimuo pill and organo slurie

one does not have the right to directly foul community air--smoking close to other people who do not want to inhale tobacco combustion- but if one is far away from people-they must retain liberty to smoke what they please

negative externalities from personal choices can be minimized with regulation or taxation, but when personal choices have zero or remote negative impacts upon others, then society must allow for personal liberty

July 26, 2012
11:28 p.m.

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First, I'm a light smoker.
Second, I hope other smokers are reading this: clean up your act.

I completely agree with hodgkins.t; we do have a right to smoke out in the open air and in many ways it is a matter of personal liberty but you do yourselves no favors by tossing your butts on the ground and polluting non-smokers' air. I'm absolutely disgusted and embarrassed by what I see around the entrances to buildings and elsewhere. And I cringe seeing parents smoking in the presence of their kids (worse, in the car with their kids).

If smokers showed a little more personal responsibility for their habit/addiction they might see less of this legislative insanity. For now I can't blame them for banning it in the parks.

July 28, 2012
6:21 p.m.

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"I've got a great idea! Let's pass a law that we don't expect anyone in government to enforce!" - paraphrasing "Nanny" Blanchard.

Now I agree with "ChuckD" but let's face it, most of the smokers who would obey this law probably already do avoid smoking where others are bothered by it, and the rest are not going to be deterred by someone "asking" them to put it out, unless it's a cop who's asking.

Pass this type of legislation for places where people gather, such as on park benches, in lines, in the immediate playground area, at bus stops, in bus shelters ... but to outlaw smoking in an entire park, ESPECIALLY a large park like Central is ... well, idiotic.