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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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Nothing remotely socialist about Affordable Care Act

One has to wonder how Carol Morris (July 16 letter) equates the Affordable Health Care Act to anything associated with Lenin or the Soviet Union. Innuendo about what the act does or doesn’t do is just so much fodder.

The fact is, Americans have been lied to by those who oppose anything our president has done to help those in need. Ms. Morris uses 2016 as a basis for a calculation and uses $10,000 as the average cost of a health care plan. This figure doesn’t come close to reality for today, let alone 2016.

Perhaps the writer never experienced not being able to get heath insurance because of a pre-existing condition or being dropped because one has reached a limit. Insurance companies want only to insure those who don’t need care, and Americans are dying because these companies deny care even when it is covered. Watching a loved one die because he/she couldn’t get care because of no insurance is something that should never happen in America.

Despite all the lies, our neighbors to the north in Canada enjoy a health care system that works. Canadians certainly can’t be called “Leninist,” and they are not a socialist state.

Those currently covered by health insurance can only benefit from the Affordable Health Care Act. No longer will insurance companies be able to drop an insured because they reached a maximum. No longer will insurers be able to deny coverage for certain illnesses.

The act will also lessen the financial impact on families, preventing bankruptcies. There is no downside to the act, as it is long past due and Americans can’t continue to go without care simply because they lost their job or can’t afford premiums.

The “meat” of the act doesn’t go into effect until 2014, and by then one can be sure it will be a relief to millions. The contents of the full act can be found at, along with simple explanations of what the act does.

Those calling it Leninist or socialist evidently haven’t taken the time to read it, as they are too busy spreading false rumors.

Gary P. Guido


Yes, control access to guns, but do it sensibly

The gun control issue will be back on the front burner due to the Colorado murders.

The left could not hop on the dead bodies soon enough to exploit the tragedy for political ends. The right, for the most part, went into the human cost aspect of the murders.

Do not listen to the left on the issue of gun control; use common sense. The National Rifle Association is not without sin on this issue.

Yes, Americans have a right to bear arms. No American is entitled to threaten or scare another with a gun. No one with a criminal background or mental health issue should own or handle a firearm.

Yes, anyone seeking to own a firearm should be compelled to take a sensible course on firearm protocols. No judge, police chief or politician should obstruct one’s legal application to “carry.” Punitive measures to restrain gun ownership should be stopped.

No one under 18 should own or carry a firearm. Taking courses and training with guns is OK. Surplus military firearms in any form should be outlawed. Current provisions on gun configurations (barrel length) seem to be logical.

The amassing of large numbers of guns and ammunition is an indication a person requires counseling.

Except to dealers, no gun or ammunition should be sold via the mail.

Here you have it, sensible measures for “gun control.” Any takers?

Edmond Day


Now they just figured it out: Made in China?

I find it quite amusing and somewhat sad that Congress finally took note of foreign-made products being sold to U.S. consumers. Of course, it took something as visible as Olympic uniforms made in China for them to notice.

Apparently nobody in Congress has purchased a radio or television lately. They must have forgot to check the label on their computers. Probably didn’t notice the tab on their Arrow shirts, Haggar slacks or their Sketcher’s shoes. Never noticed where their Levis, Wrangler and Lee jeans came from. They didn’t look when longstanding American companies like Black & Decker or Stanley started slapping “Made In China” labels on their tools.

It never bothered them to see U.S. stalwarts like Sears Craftsmen beginning to wear the Chinese label (they used to advertise “Made in USA”). Must be they missed the section in the paper telling us about the lead-based painted toys, the tainted apple juice or even the killer rawhide chews for dogs that came from China.

Kind of makes you wonder. How strong do you think our economy would be today if Congress had noticed (or cared) years ago about all of the outsourcing, and had actually done something to help curtail it?

Ralph Denison


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July 25, 2012
3:43 a.m.
cfield says...

Mr Guido... As for myself not knowing the core of the health care act and its thousands of pages. I am simply educated on the facts reported to the general public by the media. I do know this... President Obama secured his election victory by promising a national health care act. That promise attracted the younger voter in anticipation of "Free Health Care". But on the contrary the bill states that every American must "Buy" the insurance or else pay a hefty fine. I think that most Americans do not choose to go without insurance for a reason. And that reason is being able to afford it. The simple fact is that the Health care act forces people to purchase the insurance in which in fact they have no means of paying for it. Has this now created a ever growing lower income class of people??? I think the only socialist idea on this bill is increasing the size of the welfare nation that depends on the government for their survival.

July 25, 2012
6:30 a.m.
Fritzdawg says...

cfield: "Has this now created a ever growing lower income class of people???"

Umm, no. It makes it so that higher income earners (I've heard up to $31,500) will be eligible for CDPHP, paid by Medicaid.

Apparently you get much of your information from FOX, and AM radio, both of whom will tell you anything their corporate owners tell them to.

Here is a fairly good breakdown of what the Mitt Romney designed, "Obamacare" includes:

If this site doesn't convert the above URL into a link, please copy, and then paste it into the address bar on your browser.

July 25, 2012
7:08 a.m.
cfield says...

Fritzdawg- I receive my information from several media sources. But the fact of the matter is that increasing the income level to $31.5K is increasing the size of the welfare nation. I do believe that is socialism.

July 25, 2012
3:29 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Gary P. Guido aand Fritzdawg, I have read most of this bill and the FACT is that everyone will be paying more in taxes that pay taxes. Remember that only 52% of Americans pay tax. IE; I have a niece who has three kids and no father to support them, she works and she gets subsidised for child care. She pays in about $3500 per year to federal income tax and with the EIC credits she receives about $9500 back from the IRS.

Before they passsed Obamacare my insurance was $112 per week and $10 copay for my wife and myself wsith "0" out of pocket other than co-pay. Last year after Obamacare was passed my insurance went to $147 per week with $35 co-pay abnd I pay the 1st 30% up to $10,500 plus I pay a $500 co-pay for the emergency room and $2500 co-pay for hospitalization plus the first 30% of the bill.

My wife was diagnosed with cancer and this years medical bills with co-payments for doctors, hospital and medicine will cost me over $30,000, that is 6 times the ammount I would have paid before Obamacare and the taxes dont kick in until 2013. There will be a min. 7% increase on medicaid tax and you will not be able to write offf most medical costs anymore and there will be a sales tax on your home if you sell it..

Do you really think we are better off with a person who spent his most formidable years in Socialist Europe being raised bu a mother and father who were both members of the communist party? Do you really think this community organizer who has never run a for profit business in his life is better than Romney who has created tens of thousands of jobs.

I could care less if Romney sent jobs overseas, so did Jeff Inmelt right after Obama made him jobs czar or whatever. It is time for people to get their heads out of their butts.

July 25, 2012
3:33 p.m.
wmarincic says...

During Obama's campaign for the 2008 presidential election he portrayed his mother as a conservative girl from Kansas; however in reality she was a radical leftist and cutural Marxist. She lived in the Seattle area; spending her teenage years in Seattle’s coffee shops with other young leftist radicals. Obama claims his mother's family were conserevative Methodists or Baptists from Kansas. However his mother's parents were members of a left-wing Unitarian church near Seattle. The church located in Bellevue, Washington was nicknamed "the little red church," because of it’s communist leanings.

His father was very close friends with Frank Davis, the Head of the Communist Party USA in Hawaii. Davis, according to Obama, was his mentor during his high school years.

Obama said in his first book that he would attend meetings where radicals would gather and socialist gatherings to hear certain speakers whenever possible

July 25, 2012
4:18 p.m.
wanda1948 says...

Obama spent his formative years in Seattle? How far was that from Hawaii? How could he have been in Hawaii, with Frank Davis as his mentor, if he was hanging out with radical leftists in Seattle? Also, my parents were rabid Nixonian Republicans who were embarassed by my involvement in protesting the Vietnam war. So does that mean that I was just like them?

The Affordable Care Act is not the reason your insurance skyrocketed; your insurance carrier is the reason, because it is trying to reap all the profits it can. ALL health insurance has gone up over the past several years--just ask ANYONE who has health insurance. The Affordable Care Act doesn't take full effect until 2014, which is when you MIGHT see some assiatnce. But it has had an effect on the so-called "donut hole" for Medicare patients, and, next week, some provisions for women with private health insurance will go into effect on August 1.

Do you know about the anti-fraud provisions in the Affordable Care Act?

We need to have universal health care, and that would solve all of your problems, wmarincic. That's what they have in Canada, and my Canadian friends all like it (guess they're all radicals! Communists! Leftists! Quelle dommage! Oh, I speak French, like Mitt! Je suis un communiste, n'est-ce-pas?).

And I listen to "Morning Joe" every morning. There's no one more conservative than he is. I do so because I want to hear "certain conservative speakers whenever possible," because I am interested in everyone's point of view. That is what we need in this country--civil discourse, as in what I hear on "Morning Joe" every day. I don't agree with him philosophically, of course, but he says, "You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts." Revisionist history does not work.

July 25, 2012
4:42 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

We already pay the same taxes, or more, as these "socialist" countries, only without recieving many of the benefits.

cfield: What makes you think you're not a socialist?

We all collectively pay for roads, bridges, police, fire departments, the military to protect us, the internet, weather satellites, school buses, massive subsidies to industries, street lights, sewers, etc etc etc.

Speaking of socialism. Did you go to public school?
Nobody in my family ever has, yet we'll be paying for you and yours, for the rest of our lives.

Don't believe in socialism?
Good, I'll be expecting your check.
You don't want people to think you're a socialist do you?

July 25, 2012
9:54 p.m.
wmarincic says...

If you want four more years of Obama you are way to stupid to argue with.

July 25, 2012
11:50 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...


This is what happens when you engage yourself in the "conservative bubble", just watching Fox, and listening to right-wing AM radio. Labeling anything that doesn't comport with your world view as "liberal", and therefor not necessary to consider.

You have lost touch with reality.

You complain that medical bills are threatening to bankrupt you, yet you are against any system that might help you out, because some "doctor"(Savage, a "doctor"of homeopathic "medicine") on AM radio told you that you should be against it.

You don't live in empirical reality anymore, you live in their own fantasy world.

This is an example of the delusional aspect of the acquired delusional sociopathic disorder Republicans suffer from. They literally do not believe in reality. This delusional state of mind makes Republicans very dangerous. Couple that with the Republican lack of morality, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

That a 1/3 or more of Americans are like this, is why our country is being torn apart. If there are no shared beliefs, no agreed upon common ground. Political dialogue becomes impossible.

"way to stupid"
Nice, let's argue intelligence.

July 26, 2012
8:28 a.m.
wmarincic says...

Actually I "DO NOT" watch Fox News, I have not watched it more than a dozen times in my life and I'm over 50. Almost 80% of people are against Obamacare and most of the country is Republican/Conservative, the places that are liberal/democrat are the urban areas of large cities as they are the ones getting the most entitlements like welfare, look at a blue/red map sometime. And as I said, " If anyone wants four more years of Obama, they are too stupid to argue with.

July 26, 2012
3:18 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

Probably the only possible fact you have stated, is that you don't watch the news.

Americans are in favor of the PPACA 57% to 43%.

Yes, I can read a map, but I go beyond the pretty colors that you require for comprehension.
There may be more red states, but many of those states have a lower overall population than Brooklyn.
The only red state that has a higher overall population than just NYC, is Texas.

Red states by and large, leech more money from the United States government than they put in.

The red states receive MUCH MORE than they put in.

New York, and California both get back less than 80 cents, for every dollar they put in.

Red state New Mexico gets back $2, for every $1 they put in.

July 26, 2012
7:37 p.m.
wmarincic says...

I guess you can't read a map as New Mexico is a blue state and I should know as I lived there for over ten years.

July 27, 2012
4:26 p.m.
JLibertarian says...

Fritzdawg: I don't know where you get your information from but your PPACA percentages are way wrong. wmarincic isn't quite right either but he is closer. The actual percentages are about 70% opposed and 25 - 30% in favor of the PPACA. Fritzdawg I also take umbridge with your numbers about red and blue states and so what? wmarincic wasn't talking about states he was talking about people. Just because a state is overall conservative (red) or overall "liberal" (blue) doesn't mean anything. For instance both California and NY are "blue" but if you took away the large cities, they would be "red". Which is wmarincic's point.

Fritzdawg, here is the reality of the PPACA. It will cost everyone more, there are 20 new and additional taxes, you will lose your current health insurance, you will lose your current doctor, anyone over the age of 76 will not get treated for any diseases especially cancer or other life threatening diseases (that is in the law), anyone over 76 will be required to have end-of-life counseling, there will be a panel of 15 bureaucrats who decide what doctors are allowed to do to treat their patients, hospitals will not be allowed to expanded, new and improved medicines and medical equipment will not be coming on the market, you will have long waits to see specialists. Shall I go on?

This is all in the law. Read it.

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