Funding for mental illness and laws on gun control are necessary

Sunday, December 30, 2012
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Funding for mental illness and laws on gun control are necessary

Re the Sandy Hook killings: How sad, how painful, how devastating to lose so many adorable children and adults. Wake up, America. How long can [we] tolerate this misery?

President Obama is very smart, and he will act fast. He will be able to put an end to it, if possible, and if people in this democratic country cooperate.

If guns are not easily available, especially in the hands of mental patients, these accidents can’t happen.

Mental illness has to be addressed, and funds [provided] for treatment. Leave the treatment to the doctors, not to the family members [and] let the social workers make sure the patients take the medications regularly; check on them.

Once the mentally ill person says something about his plans to kill people, take it seriously and act on it to prevent [a tragedy].

Please don’t teach mentally ill people [how] to use guns. Maybe we should start the school day with a prayer for protection.

[In] other countries, like India, people are not killed by guns so frequently. They don’t keep guns at home.

Mercy Premsager


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December 30, 2012
3:54 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Chicago with the strictest gun laws in the country just had a record murder season, over 512 murders. How did that happen with the strict gun laws? Do you think criminals care about gun laws?

December 30, 2012
9:57 p.m.
ThePhilistine says...

If that kids mom kept her weapons locked up properly the nut job would not have been able to get to them even after he killed her. So on top of better solutions for people with mental health issues we need more education on responsible gun ownership and safe storage to keep those who already legally cant have guns from getting them. There is no need to take away rights of law abiding citizens or enact any bans.

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