Voiding the 2nd Amendment won’t solve the problem

Saturday, December 29, 2012
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Voiding the 2nd Amendment won’t solve the problem

After just reading the Dec. 21 letter by Robert J. Sanfilippo, I am beginning to wonder where your paper is heading. To even think about printing such trash is beyond me.

If we didn’t have the Second Amendment, we would soon turn into a communist country, which is evidently what Mr. Sanfilippo wants to happen. He hasn’t a clue on what is wrong in this country.

Try finding help for the mentally impaired and take a strong look at Hollywood, the graphic movies they produce, and to the people who produce the trash on videos. This would be a step in the right direction, Mr. Sanfilippo, not trying to remove guns from the law-abiding citizens.

Get your priorities in order and please rethink what you had just written. If everyone thought like you, we would be in trouble for sure.

Chester Smith


The writer is a lifetime gun collector and NRA member.

UK has proven that gun control works

In 1996 in a schoolhouse in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children, ages 5 to 6 years old, were gunned down at the hands of a deranged 43-year-old gunman. As a result of this crime, the UK [United Kingdom] banned the private ownership of all handguns and large-capacity rifles.

Thousands of weapons were turned in after this law was passed in the UK. Within a few years after the ban was implemented, crimes involving handguns went down by 44 percent.

In 2011 the number of murders committed using firearms in the UK was 58. The number of murders committed in the United States with firearms in 2011 was 8,775.

There is a plethora of statistics on the Internet and in print about the number of unnecessary deaths that are a direct result of our pervasive gun culture. Whether it’s the 17,000 suicides; 8,000 homicides; or the 700 accidental deaths, the easy access to all kinds of weapons has played a major role. Some people believe that we need more guns to prevent tragedies such as the one in Newtown.

In fact, Texas has laws that allow some teachers to carry guns in their school for student protection. Today, with over 300 million guns owned by private citizens in our country, we are still unable to protect our children.

Almost all the guns used in the multiple mass murder tragedies that have recently occurred in our country have been committed using legally purchased weapons.

The only way we will have any hope of changing this trend of death by guns is if our lawmakers pass laws similar to those in the UK.

* Ban the ownership of all handguns and high-capacity rifles and their clips.

* Prevent private citizens from purchasing body armor, and large quantities of ammunition.

* Only allow private ownership of rifles that have a capacity of three rounds or less for hunting and target shooting.

* Identify and register all ammunition and guns sold, and institute a six-month waiting period.

* Enforce a two-year prison term and a $100,000 fine for anyone who is convicted of violating these restrictions.

These are drastic measures that would have many shaking their heads and would result in an astronomical expenditure of lobbying funds by the NRA.

The NRA has been hiding behind an amendment that was written during a time of single-shot powder muskets and foreign government tyranny.

We are aware that the real goal of the NRA is to ensure weapons manufacturing profits. It is time for us and our lawmakers to make the tough decisions needed to end the cycle of violence that has taken over our country.

Bob Karandy

Burnt Hills

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December 29, 2012
7:25 a.m.
FrankLowe says...

Mr Karandy, the NRA is funded by its more than 4 million members, all normal everyday working people, not by firearms makers, unlike the radical anti gun groups, which are funded by Hollywood,, the elite media, and other assorted anti freedom groups with very deep pockets. Why not just be honest and admit that your goal is to control individuals because you think you know better how we should live our lives.
By the way, why didn't you include Mexico in your analysis? How's that strict gun control thing working out down there?

December 29, 2012
11:56 a.m.
SnowGrinch says...

The NRA represents Gun Makers,and Gun Sellers, not gun owners.
The NRA opposes background checks on all gun sales. The NRA opposes gun owners having to notify police when guns are lost or stolen. The NRA opposes banning gun ownership for people on terrorism watch lists.
The NRA is funded by Gun Makers... They are fundamentally a business lobby group, but unlike your usual business lobby group they claim to represent the customer.
Nearly a hundred makers and sellers of guns, ammunition and gun accessories contribute to the NRA. Gunmaker Beretta gave the NRA $1 million dollars in 2008 alone. The infamous Blackwater Worldwide (now Xe), has given over half a million. Fifteen of the companies giving the NRA money make assault weapons. Dozens make or sell high capacity ammunition magazines. Could that be why the NRA is so opposed to restricting them?
Once an organization that claimed to not be affiliated with any gun companies, the NRA has received tens of millions of dollars in contributions from them since 2005 alone. Any company giving $25,000 or more gets to be part of their "Ring of Freedom." Giving $5 million or more gets you dinner at headquarters with the NRA CEO.
Nearly 75 per cent of NRA MEMBERS support background checks for all gun owners, 64 per cent agree owners should have to report lost or stolen guns, 71 per cent are against terrorism watch list members owning guns.
We need to start seeing the NRA for what it is: a marketing and lobbying machine for the gun industry.

December 29, 2012
2:10 p.m.
wmarincic says...

But th majority of the money comes from privatecitizen donations.

December 29, 2012
2:40 p.m.
SnowGrinch says...

According to a poll conducted in May by REPUBLICAN pollster Frank Luntz, NRA members, overwhelmingly support measures typically described as “GUN CONTROL:

1. Requiring criminal background checks on gun owners and gun shop employees.
87 percent of non-NRA gun-owners and 74 percent of NRA gun owners support the former,and 80 percent and 79 percent, respectively, endorse the latter.

2. Prohibiting terrorist watch list members from acquiring guns. Support ranges from 80 percent among non-NRA gun-owners to 71 percent among NRA members.

3. Mandating that gun-owners tell the police when their gun is stolen. 71 percent non-NRA gun-owners support this measure, as do 64 percent of NRA members.

4. Concealed carry permits should only be restricted to individuals who have completed a safety training course and are 21 and older. 84 percent of non-NRA and 74 percent of NRA member gun-owners support the safety training restriction, and the numbers are 74 percent and 63 percent for the age restriction.

5. Concealed carry permits shouldn't be given to perpetrators of violent misdemeanors or individuals arrested for domestic violence.
The NRA/non-NRA gun-owner split on these issues is 81 percent and 75 percent in favor of the
violent misdemeanors provision and 78 percent/68 percent in favor of the domestic violence restriction.
I don't speak for NRA MEMBERS, but this poll does. Again it proves the NRA works for the Gun Makers and the Gun Sellers, not the Gun Owners.

December 29, 2012
2:44 p.m.
wmarincic says...

snowgrinch, AARP will make billions off of Obamacare and they spent tens of millions supporting Obama, does that mean that they should not speak for seniors?

December 29, 2012
3:11 p.m.
albright1 says...

Grinch, your opening statements on what the NRA opposes are flat out strawman lies. Which is a characteristic of your arguments. Go to the NRA-ILA website and find out what they oppose and support instead of going to Huffington Post.

December 29, 2012
3:32 p.m.
FrankLowe says...


Everything you've listed with the exception of #2 isn't unreasonable, isn't gun control and hasn't been unilaterally opposed by the NRA. Most states already have these rules in place including violent cities like Chicago and DC, and it hasn't helped them. As far as #2, the "terrorist watch list", the feds have elderly grandmothers and infants on their watch list, proving they can do nothing right. As an example, Mohamed Otta's immigration paperwork was approved six months after he flew a plane into the WTC. I don't trust them with any kind of list.
I can't speak for the NRA either, but I am a life member and even though I don't agree with Lapierre's armed schools proposal, I will continue to support their defense of the second amendment. The NRA does indeed receive the bulk of their money from their 4 million (and rapidly growing) members.

December 29, 2012
5:16 p.m.
wmarincic says...

What get's me is this is the stuff that always happens. Some psycho does something and we start losing our rights with more laws. The only thing protecting our 1st Ammendment is the 2nd Ammendment.

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