Law-abiding gun owners don’t commit senseless shootings

Thursday, December 27, 2012
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Law-abiding gun owners don’t commit senseless shootings

I felt the need to exercise free speech by responding to Mr. Robert Sanfilippo’s Dec. 21 letter, “Say goodbye to the Second Amendment.

You sir, are what is wrong with the world today. Take away our Second Amendment right? Seriously? Do you live under a rock?

I am one of your so-called “hobbyists,” and yes, I do hunt. I do feel that to possess a gun, one must demonstrate the fact that they can be trusted with one. Which is why we have the laws we do today. People like you think you can just go into a store and buy a gun just like that. You, my friend, stand to be corrected. You cannot!

The laws are not the problem. These senseless shootings do not arise from law-abiding citizens. They actually come from people who have no regard for anyone but themselves. DWIs [driving while intoxicated] statistically kill more people a year than any other crime — do we take cars off the road? What about bombings? Are we going to stop those with “stricter laws”? No, we are not.

Believe me, my heart aches for those families in Connecticut. We have three children ourselves. They have been raised to know what a gun can and cannot do. They do not have access to our guns, which, again, comes back to being a responsible gun owner. Personally, I think more people should own guns and carry them. Starting with schools. Had a teacher, principal, etc., been carrying a gun, I can guarantee that most, if not all, of those children would still be here today.

So, I will continue to own my guns and I will continue to be a “hobbyist,” and I will continue to protect myself, my family and my dwelling with the Second Amendment right. I do not logically see how “cutting” out the Second Amendment is going to help.

Should we replace it with a prayer amendment? My guns are going to protect a lot more people than your prayers ever will!

Jacqueline Barber


Tragedies bring out the worst of our politicians

Notice how each incident, be it Sandy Hook, a bad car wreck, etc., prompts our reactionary politicians to get in front of a camera and propose new legislation.

Almost always purely for self-promotion and not based on facts. Look at all the laws with people’s names attached that are just old laws tweaked.

Check out the two tables at the website below,

Highest crime period since 1960 was between 1971 and 1991 for most crimes, including murder. The murder rate in the United States in 2011 is the same as in 1962! So, all the hype on gun control and security is just that — hype.

The politicians look on the citizens as a flock of sheep easily panicked [and] not really willing to study the facts of any situation, and led in the direction the ruling party chooses.

David Buckbee


Kerry unfit to be secretary of State

Re Dec. 17 AP article, “Kerry has been frequent foreign policy ally for Obama”: The reference to John Kerry by [AP reporter] Donna Cassata is extremely frightening.

It is quite obvious that Obama and company never read the novel “Unfit for Command,” by Jerome Corsi. If they did, they are thumbing their noses at the American people.

If this is the type of people Mr. Obama is going to bring into his Cabinet, God help us.

[Sen.] John McCain would be a much better choice, but he is a very outspoken Republican.

Syd Thomas


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December 27, 2012
5:04 a.m.
janesjoys says...

Syd - no doubt if the President actually were to choose Mr. McCain you would find something to disqualify him in your world as you will with anyone suggested by him. I find it interesting that you classify "Unfit for Command" as a NOVEL, defined as “a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism”, (not reality)!

December 27, 2012
10:41 a.m.
wmarincic says...

janesjoy, Kerry was an anti war protester that took his medals and burned them, thereby desecrating his service. He does not deserve the job and for McCain, he was a war hero and POW, there is no comparison of the two..

December 27, 2012
11:25 a.m.
Will1960 says...

Kerry has a much more nuance view of foreign policy and the world than McCain, which is what America needs in our representation to other countries. Kerry is not the same angry war protester vet that he was in the 1970s. He has evolved as the world we live in has changed dramatically. McCain has clung to his rigid views as a war monger, although he deserves credit for his advocation against the use of torchure. Let's judge these candidates for Secretary of State, not by what they did 30 years ago, but on their recent voting records and politcal decisions(like Choosing Palin for VP). If that's the criterior than you're absolutely right there's no comparison.

December 27, 2012
2:30 p.m.
janesjoys says...

wmarincic - as usual you miss the point. It is as if you just have to get your righteous view out there no matter what the subject.

December 27, 2012
6:18 p.m.
wmarincic says...

No jane, being correct does not make me self righteous, but it does make me right. happy New year.

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