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Fossil fuels are the fuels of the past; solar is for the future

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Fossil fuels are the fuels of the past; solar is for the future It was good to read your Dec. 16 solar power editorial. Solar energy is planetary income; fossil fuels are Earth’s stored savings. While occasionally our family may need to dip into our savings, as rational adults we know long-term that we need to live on our income. The same for my business, or any viable business. Our society needs to do the ...

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December 21, 2012
7:09 a.m.

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Robert J. SanFilippo I think we should stop free speech, I think free speech allows people like The Westboro Baptist Church and The Occupy people too much power and it disrupts too many people. I also think while we are at it we should get rid of that other pesky problem in the constitution, the right to freely assemble, that for sure will get rid of the WBC and Occupy people that I dislike so much. Finally we should end seperation of church and state, we should let the government make a religion of peace, happiness and harmony where we can all come together and sing Kumbaya......

December 21, 2012
1:05 p.m.

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Dan Weaver, you said,
"Finally, we also need to ask whether a culture that doesn’t teach that disappointment is as important and valuable to growth as is accomplishment, is setting people up to deal with disappointment by taking it out on others"
Thanks for putting articulate words to what I've been trying to say for years. We've had it so good for so long here that we've lost sight of what it's like to strive, fail, and try again. Our country was built by those who tried, failed, tried again, failed, yet kept going. Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin. just to name a few, all failed many times before they succeeded. Kids are taught today that failure is not an option. That's fine, as long as they're also taught that there will will be failures, and disappointment along the way as part of a normal life.

December 21, 2012
1:57 p.m.

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Robert J. SanFilippo,
You conveniently left out some facts about mass murders. The worst mass murders throughout history have been committed exclusively by governments against unarmed citizens.
You and your views are in very good company. Your list of heroes probably includes Mao Tse Tung, (tens of millions murdered), PolPot, (millions murdered), Hitler, (millions murdered),Idi Amin, (tens of thousands murdered), Joseph Stalin (hundreds of thousands murdered),Papa Doc & Baby Doc Duvalier, (only tens of thousands murdered here, they were such nice men)and on and on and on right up to today with Bashar All Assad in Syria massacring his own defenseless people. These murderous thugs and the rest throughout history mirror your opinion on guns, I wonder where you got your ideas.
Since you advocate a police state where only the "Authorities" have weapons, and since your vile ideas are a foolish pipe dream here, why don't you take up residence in one of these police states you so desire, perhaps Mexico, where private citizens can't own guns, certainly no gun violence there, if you don't count the 30,000 murders, or maybe North Korea, where Kim Jung Un (aka The Jolly Little Pumpkin Boy), would welcome another defenseless subject who shares his views. And of course there's always Africa, where right up to this minute, no one really know how many unarmed innocents are being murdered by armed government thugs as we speak.