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Man steals car — with 4-year-old inside

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— A car thief hopped into an unattended car and drove away Monday — only to find a 4-year-old child in the back seat, Albany police said.

Police said a woman called at about 4:45 p.m. Monday to say her car had just been stolen with her daughter still inside.

Koryse Sealey, 28, of Albany, had left the car running while she went into a store, police said, adding that Sealey said she was only in the store for “a moment.”

Sealey ran after the car as the thief drove down Lark Street. He quickly turned onto First Street, abandoned the vehicle, and ran away, police said.

The 4-year-old was unharmed.

Police ticketed Sealey for leaving a vehicle running unattended. Officers are looking for the thief, who was described as a black teenager, about 15 years old, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt.

Police used the case as an opportunity to remind drivers not to leave their car running, even for a short period of time, and to always lock their car.

They said almost half of the cars stolen in Albany were left unlocked. Nationwide, they said, many cars are stolen at convenience stores, gas stations and ATMs, where drivers are most likely to leave their cars running or unlocked.



December 18, 2012
3:12 p.m.

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She should have been ticketed for endangering the welfare of that child as well.

December 18, 2012
8:02 p.m.

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Amen to that jerry rock!.....unbelievable....I pray this wakes her up!