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Rich keep getting richer while the rest of us stagnate or fall behind

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Rich keep getting richer while the rest of us stagnate or fall behind John A. Gaetani’s Dec. 2 letter argues that taxing the rich takes away America’s motivation. He apparently has not noticed that the rich are doing exceedingly well in our country. While there has always been a gap between the rich and everybody else, in the past decade that gap has grown exponentially. Not too long ago the salary of a CEO was ...

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December 10, 2012
4:17 a.m.

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Hey Doug Cohen - I have worked 40 years and paid my dues as a "maker" through my income deductions. I also pay gas tax, sales tax, property tax and school tax at a higher total tax rate than the former Republican Presidential candidate. I don't consider that I am now a "taker" just because I collect my hard earned Social Secuity and Medicare, (as many of the 47% do). Am I whining? You betcha! Let's stop classifying those "social" programs, Social Security and Medicare, as "entitlements"; they have been earned.

December 10, 2012
8:42 a.m.

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Charles R. Blunt the very rich also pay 90% of the taxes. If you want to blame jobs from leaving America, blame unions. I spent yesterday with some people that can not manufacture some of what they sell in the U.S. because the cost is more than five times what they pay to manufacturer it in Holland. It is also the regulations put on manufacturer. You can't tax yourself into prosperity and the government cant give you anything that it did not first take from someone else.

December 10, 2012
2:23 p.m.

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If your thesis is true, why has the nations wealth been transferred to the top 1% with everyone else facing stagnant wages and fewer or no benefits?
You need to read Who Stole the American Dream by Hedrick Smith.

December 13, 2012
7:07 p.m.

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Doug, you seem to ignore that who you thing the "makers" are - got their on their own- ie- endless tax payer funded subsidies to big oil despite their billions in profits, tax write-offs to conglomerates like GE despite their record profits-
tax deductions for mortgages on luxury homes and second, and third and 7 homes in Rommey's case- who has not a Maker for anything productive, but only a taker by dismantling companies and shipping jobs to slave labor countries. You have your people reversed- your "Makers"- take and pillage resources from the earth, and exploit people for profit and greed- your "takers" are toiling and working hard at below poverty wages-$7.25 hr- which is sadly why so many in this country need to seek government assistance- If they can even get a job. The CEO's and owners of Walmart, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, EACH make millions of dollars per year that would take one of their USA employees over 180 years of working full time to earn what make what they supposedly "earn" in 1 year. AOL has the feature story today.