Online Letter to the Editor for Aug. 23

Thursday, August 23, 2012
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McDonald has a proven record for getting things done

Republicans and conservatives looking for a truly pro-family candidate on Primary Day, Sept. 13, will vote for Roy McDonald.

Sen. McDonald is not only the proven friend of families in our community, he is the No. 1 leader whose dedication and vision has helped our families to a better life.

We all know that Saratoga County is the paradigm for prosperity, good government and quality of life. What we sometimes overlook is that Roy was directly involved in almost every important improvement we have experienced here: from leading his town, Wilton, to zero local taxes for 20-plus years; to bringing good jobs to the Exit 16 distribution centers of Target and Ace Hardware; to paving the way for GlobalFoundries; to the redevelopment of Exit 15, an engine of sales tax that benefits the entire county.

Also, he was the first local leader to establish a wildlife preserve and park for his town, an enduring legacy that improved the quality of life, raised property values and preserved open space.

Families have benefited enormously from the high-quality employment opportunities Roy has helped bring. Paychecks, health insurance, pensions, good housing all give our citizens an opportunity to contribute volunteer time to our communities up and down the county.

As senator, Roy has continued his dedication to the well-being of families, especially by sponsoring and seeing approved major legislation to assist individuals with disabilities.

Sen. Roy McDonald has been doing right by our community, our families, for a long time. Let’s keep him on the job.

Gordon Boyd

Saratoga Springs

The writer is treasurer of the county Independence Party.

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August 23, 2012
4:47 a.m.
pnotto says...

Family values! Please don't make me laugh! This is the same coward who knuckled under to the homosexual lobby to force the same sex Marriage Equality Act down the throats of NYS residents so that he could sell out to his base and open himself up to a new constituency to that of the sin and immorality group. Mr. McDonald is a RINO, plain and simple, no wonder the Liberals in the NYS Senate love him. He sold his soul for campaign contributions and nothing else. By the way if this same law was put on the ballot for the people to vote on it would still go down in flames because of the majority of NYS residents still have these family values for what Mr. McDonald sold his soul for, a campaign contribution lot, so Mr. McDonald has no right to latch onto the so called family values slogan any longer.

August 23, 2012
5:59 p.m.
robbump says...

Did you even consider that maybe he has a relative, a friend, the child of a friend, or maybe an employee who wants a right to marry and so has decided to do the right thing and vote "Yes"?

One does not necessarily need to be receiving money to vote in that directions. Besides, extending that right does nothing to the relationships the rest of us enjoy, and every gay person came from a family too - as far as that oh-so-tired "family values" slogan goes.

August 23, 2012
11:15 p.m.
pnotto says...

Mr. Robbump; No I don't consider it because there is nothing to consider from this weak point you try to pass off as an opinion! It is the right of the act of marriage to be only between a man and a woman. It must be the latest talking points memo you Leftist's pass around to one another to help destroy any institution in America like that of marriage. Then to replace it with the institution of sin and immorality. If you would read the papers instead of spouting off your ignorance, you would have learned that Mr. Donald was going to face a stiff primary challenge from another Republican in this falls primary, so Mr. McDonald had to sell his soul and act like the many other RINO's that are in the Republican Party and that is to sell their souls for campaign contributions from the Left, the Homosexual Lobby and other special interest groups when these politicians find themselves in trouble of losing their seats in government. Mr. Mc Donald is not the first and will not the last to join the list of these other RINO's. I have to admit one thing, the Leftist's in this state and country never cease in giving up in ruining what made this country the steady rock it once was and that was its sense of morality. This has been successfully infiltrated and destroyed by Leftist's like yourself. Just look at America's current social, educational, economic and moral situations we are in because of your political party.

August 24, 2012
8:01 a.m.
rjk1915 says...

A good many years ago I heard McDonald describe library users as "elitist".

August 30, 2012
7:06 p.m.
robbump says...

So much for "my party"? independent here (lowercase "i", not the party), who has pulled about the same number of levers in both rows, Sherlock. 6 year veteran, USN 71-77; nuclear propulsion plant operator. You? Investigator?

September 2, 2012
7:12 a.m.
pnotto says...

That' s its you just pulling your levers in life but we really know what that means!!! Don't we Mr. Robbump...

September 3, 2012
9:29 a.m.
pnotto says...

Robbump and Snowgrinch; Many people are calling us to stop this war of words, so therefore, We need to stop these antics. However it started I think we should still respect each other as people and human beings even though we strongly agree to disagree. We can still have a dialogue with no name calling and insults about our backgrounds and ideologies getting in the way. So I wish to express an apology to you two and cease this action of mutual dislike this moment and I look forward to discussing issues with you two in the future.

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