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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 7

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Library improvements didn’t begin, and won’t stop, with new addition Regarding your Aug. 1 editorial, “Another look at new library addition,” your comments regarding the condition of the main, or “old” library as your editorialist described it, paint an incomplete picture of the library expansion project. You correctly point out the need for updated shelving and furniture in the library, but the writer overlooked significant work completed as part of the expansion project that had ...

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August 7, 2012
7:26 a.m.

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Vincent F. Carelli

Guns.... When seconds count the police are only minutes away. There is a reason that police are supposed to carry an off duty gun and I know many people that carry a gun and you probably do too, they just don't tell you.

August 7, 2012
9:48 a.m.

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Mr. Carelli:
Guns are inanimate objects. They don't kill, people do! You don't need a gun to kill somebody, just the will to do it. The local truck driver who was killed a couple of years ago while talking to his wife on his cell,did he deserve to die? Had he had a firearm on him he would probably be alive today! There are bad people everywhere especially when times are bad. If you feel safe walking in NYC you've been there during the day and only on the main avenues. You need to get out more and see the real world that is evolving because of the lack of respect that people have for one another, and the lack fear of eternal damnation for what we do on earth. We will all have to answer for what we do here and I don't want to have to answer sooner that I should.

August 7, 2012
7:57 p.m.

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Re Guns:

Every liberty has a price. Every liberty can be abused -- that's part of the price. If we are not willing to pay the price for liberty, then we will lose it.

Moreover, the implied assumption that tomorrow will be like today, and that guns will never again be needed for protection or food, is false. Even this great society will fail. No one knows when or how, but it will. To disarm the public to allegedly save lives today will assuredly cost lives in the future.

Reasonable people believe that government must not have the power to prevent people from defending their lives and property.

August 8, 2012
12:12 p.m.

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I hope the writer of the letter is never confronted with a murderer or rapist breaking into his house with his family at home, too. What would he rather do at that critical time, pick up the phone and call 911 or pull out a gun? The average response time nationwide for 911 is 23 minutes. With municipalities being forced to reduce services, especially police & fire protection, self-protection is almost a mandate. If we can ever stop the Civil Liberties Union from their excess politically correct movement, maybe the medical profession can report the nuts out there so that we can get the guns away from them or keep them from buying them under current unenforced gun laws.

August 11, 2012
4:22 p.m.

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Jill Michaels writes, "are perhaps better fed, have better health care, and are more cared for and doted on than many children in our communities."

That may be true, but how many parents would run their kid around a track, whipping him until his legs broke or his organs or heart failed?

"Well yes,Judge, I killed him, but look how well he was fed"