Letters to the Editor for April 20

Friday, April 20, 2012
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Alliance Party has never been more alive, or needed, in Sch’dy

Re: April 14 article, “Party denies interest waning”: I would like to paraphrase Mark Twain and say, “the demise of the Alliance Party has been greatly exaggerated.”

In addition to the active people mentioned in the article, many are waiting in the wings to work toward the only city race this year. This summer and fall, as last year, volunteers will be collecting signatures and campaigning for the Alliance — and Republican-endorsed candidate for City Council, Rich Patierne.

The Alliance Party is committed to finding and supporting candidates that exhibit independent, bipartisan thought, and show respect for and provide a voice for the residents of this city. In [coming close in] last year’s mayoral race, and by winning a City Council seat, the Alliance Party proved that there are a significant number of voters who support this principle.

The fact that Andy Chestnut has had some of his former supporters refuse to help him in his re-election bid for school board because he was involved in the Alliance effort clearly shows that intolerant partisan views still exist.

Those actions disgust those of us who believe that our freedom to choose political candidates should be without punitive actions by those who disagree.

Those actions reaffirm the reason for the Alliance Party [to exist].

Jacqueline A. Hurd


The writer was an unsuccessful Alliance candidate for City Council.

State came to the rescue with flood cost bailout

Re April 12 article, “State to pay local flood costs”: Last week’s announcement that the state would pick up the local share of Federal Emergency Management Agency public assistance projects was music to our ears. It was long-awaited good news for every community affected by [tropical storms] Irene and Lee.

For many weeks before the announcement, the Schoharie County highway superintendents and thousands of other local officials across the state were agonizing over the staggering costs we were facing as a result of the massive flooding. Bills for materials and contractors for clearing debris, repairing roads and bridges, and doing emergency stream work had piled up to unbelievable amounts. Counties, towns, villages, schools and others were using every bit of available funds and [had] taken on emergency loans to pay these bills — even as we struggled to continue our services to the public.

We were facing financial ruin, and many of us were not sure how we could ever find our way out. Over several months, we have reached out to the governor and many other officials for help. With no real answer, our anxiety and frustrations grew. In that frustration, we personally asked our assemblyman, Pete Lopez, to help make the plea for relief. Pete not only listened to us, but brought the case directly to Gov. Cuomo — camping on his doorstep to help the governor understand the urgency of our situation.

Last week’s announcement from the governor, Pete and his partners in the Legislature showed us that honest communication — on the merits and in good faith — can work. With their help, we will continue our efforts to bring our communities back.

Thank you, Gov. Cuomo and Assemblyman Lopez.

Dale Nunaman


The writer is president of the Schoharie County Highway Superintendents’ Association.

Rising prices, taxes will be the death of U.S.

Re April 18 article, “Mohon to cut jobs, raise district taxes”: Rotterdam’s Mohonasen School District will raise tax money? The convoluted math — the same math they teach the kids — leaves one wondering how much taxes will go up — and they will go up.

The proposed budget, to be voted on May 15, will pass — the sheepeople belly up for the shearing. It’s “for the kids.”

On April 17, I observed the price of ground meat (at the Rotterdam Price Chopper) go from $3.99 to $4.49 per pound in a 24-hour period. The price of bread is going up. Peanut butter, a staple for many people, is either in short supply or limited selection — and the price has increased dramatically. My homeowner’s policy went up 15 percent. Reviewing my policy line by line, I can see only a one-twentieth increase justified. Then there is petrol. The beat goes on.

As a senior citizen, I cannot demand an increase in pension to offset the cost of living. Walmart has rescheduled its truck routes to offset petrol cost, but this will go only so far. Then Walmart’s prices will go up.

I propose a voluntary rollback of school personnel salaries and benefits. Teachers, administrators, teaching assistants, janitors — no exceptions. Do this for two years so there would be no increase in school taxes. After the two-year period, a review can take place. As President Obama has implied, those earning more need to give more or, in this case, get paid less.

America is imploding economically. The “property” owner will be the first to go to the wall, then all others will follow. It is the way of “revolution.” The middle class was the backbone of 1776 and the force that sustained America for over 200 years. Reduce the middle class and [there’s] no more America. Restrictive taxes and bizarre ordinances make small business unprofitable.

The kids in school are learning a valuable lesson: Take from others. This is called economic cannibalism; social Darwinism, something the left accuses the right of, but is the platform that left policies are built on.

Edmond Day


Harnessed atom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Re April 14 AP article, “North Korean rocket flop spurs humiliation, world ire”: North Korea is rumored to be testing a nuclear bomb for the third time. This on the heels of failing to develop a missile that could be propelled out of its country. Now they are ideally positioned to blow themselves up.

We humans are the brightest bulbs on the planet. We’ve learned how to release the power of the atom, but haven’t figured out how to turn it off. Kind of like inventing the fastest car in the world, but one that can’t stop. Want to go for a test drive?

Does anyone believe we are safe? I bet the people of Japan did before an unforeseen natural disaster. Could that happen here? And what if bin Laden had chosen nuclear power plants instead of symbolic targets? Do we need a disaster before we wake up?

Tom Mayer


Romney is head and shoulders above crowd

Your reporting on the upcoming election has suggested that [GOP presidential candidate] Mitt Romney may be the eventual Republican nominee. What may not be as clear to readers are the reasons that Romney, and not another candidate, is the right man to lead our country as this moment.

Our economy is under assault from President Obama’s efforts to transform it into a European-style welfare state. While other candidates have spent their lives in government as the beneficiaries of taxpayer dollars, only Romney has led a successful career helping new companies get started and producing thousands of jobs.

Further, his success in business and command of the issues make him the candidate most likely to defeat Barack Obama in November. And when it comes to foreign policy, Romney is proud of America’s greatness.

Mitt Romney is the right choice for our state and our nation.

Alex Arnold


Everyone should try to support local businesses

I’ve read in the paper and heard on our local stations how members of the community should support their local businesses. I believe that by supporting our local businesses, we help neighbors, friends and family.

Many small businessmen belong to, and are, dues-paying members of fraternal organizations in our area. However, I have heard that these fraternal organizations seldom support the small businesses that support them.

I wonder if the county and town government, local police and fire departments and other organizations support our small businesses.

I, for one, believe that our community is only as strong as its local businesses and the neighbors that support them.

Andrew G. Yuhasz


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April 20, 2012
1:16 a.m.
Fritzdawg says...

Businessmen like Willard Romney are not the solution, they are the problem.
Romney is responsible for more people losing their jobs than you can shake a stick at.

He (as his fellow Republicans put it) is a "vulture capitalist", who is in the business of liquidating companies for his own profit.

In the coming months you are going to hear quite a bit about the company "Bain Capital", and I would suggest that you listen.

Obama might not be ideal, but Romney would be a DISASTER.

April 20, 2012
6:52 a.m.
FrankLowe says...

Fritzdawg, apparently yourself, and Jimmy Carter are the only ones pleased with Obama. Carter is happy because Obama has replaced him as the worst president in history, what's your excuse? Obama has never even held a job, not even rung a cash register at a 7-11, he hasn't got a clue how our economy works.

You don't seem to understand that private businesses,, risk takers, have fed a hec of a lot more people, and employed a hec of lot more people than Obama style big government ever could.

I don't think Romney will be a good president, but there is no question that he will be better than Obama

April 20, 2012
7:49 a.m.
wmarincic says...


Romney's father started with nothing and became rich... That is the American dream and Obama wants to make it a bad thing to be sucessful. Obama want everyone dependent on the government and thereby him. He has done all he can to circumvent the Constitution for his own dillusions of grandeaur. He has been alligned with terrorists and ulta liberals his whole shady career and people like you and the media give him a pass. EVERYTHING that is wrong with America can be traced to liberalism, everything. Every failed local economy is being run by a multi decades of liberal government, just like Schenectady is. I know that both parties are self serving, that is why I will support the tea party and their ideas.

April 20, 2012
8:24 a.m.
lanaturner says...

I would LOVE it if anyone could provide ANY examples (which are NOT the same thing as talking points) of this delusion that Obama is a socialist. Just one. Please, humor me.

Mitt, on the other hand, has a long history of being a vulture capitalist, a total and complete chameleon who has, really, no platform because if he did it would have fallen with the changing winds...

Please people, take a history class. Or a political science class. Or an economics class. Or a sociology class. Or an anthropology class. Or a religious studies class. Anything to enlighten and educate you beyond what you hear on faux news.

April 20, 2012
12:22 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Laura Laura Laura,
At least Fox News gives you the whole story, IE the Traymont Martin story where NBC doctored 911 tapes to make Zimmerman look like a racist. I watch the mainstream news channels and then research the truth. All you have to do is look at Obama's history, appointments and policy to see that he is a socialist. Take your head out of the sand. You are smarter than that.

April 20, 2012
6:46 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

"You don't seem to understand that private businesses,, risk takers, have fed a hec of a lot more people, and employed a hec of lot more people than Obama style big government ever could."

The "risk takers" are not risking a penny their own money. That statement is as farcical as me borrowing money from you to go to Vegas, with the promise that if I win, I'll give you a small cut of the money, but if I lose, well, sorry Frank.
By your standards, pretty much anybody could be a risk taker.
Romney didn't exactly mortgage the house and borrow from his parents to start a business.

Factually, the federal government is the largest employer in The United States, and that's sad, but the last administration started so many different new departments, that it's hard to keep track of them all.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that being a professor of law qualifies as holding a job.
I won't fault him for knowing more about constitutional law, than he does about flipping burgers.
zelasko: Are you off your meds again?

April 20, 2012
7:19 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

Wow, where do I start?
First off, shouting the word LIBERAL! or SOCIALIST! does not make your argument seem any more viable, if anything, it is a moronic knee jerk that makes it seem less so.

Hey, I'm glad that Romney's father did well for himself, but in Willard's case, he's just another republican who was born on third base, and wants credit for hitting a triple.

"EVERYTHING that is wrong with America can be traced to liberalism, everything."

Yeah, like the 8 hour work day, overtime, the women's right to vote, the civil rights act, an end to the pre-existing condition clause, the end to the anti-science cell research ban, child labor laws, the GI bill, NASA, the FDIC, unemployment insurance etc.
If I'm not mistaken, Democrats were in power when we won World War II.

Fox News "gives you the whole story"?
You must have a degree of cognitive dissonance to rival that of Newt Gingrich.

Are you under the impression that we haven't been a socialist country for tens of decades?
That's adorable. Simply precious.
Did you go to public school? I didn't but I paid for yours. Have you ever used highways, the internet, police or firefighters, (especially volunteers), felt protected by the military?
Have you ever eaten safe foods, water, or been seen by a qualified doctor?

I guess it's not "SOCIALISM!" when it's YOU that are reaping the benefits of our labors though.

Willard and his ilk, are only capitalists when they stand to profit from it.
Whenever there is a loss to be taken, it's up to us to pay for it.
Yeah, he created jobs, but they were in China, where they don't have environmental or labor laws, because that's what they do. Maximize profits.
Profits that YOU will never see a single penny of, but will have the privilege of providing.

April 20, 2012
8:13 p.m.
FrankLowe says...

Fritzdawg, I'd like you to explain your statement "The "risk takers" are not risking a penny their own money"
I'm a business owner. I have taken many, many risks, all with my own money, and not only with no help from the government, but with the constant hinderance, and non stop roadblocks that beauracrats put in my way.
Being a professor of anything certainly does NOT qualify as a job. A real world job in the private sector where you actually have to accomplish something qualifies. And, judging by Obama's comments directed at the supreme court, it doesn't appear he knows a whole lot about the constitution.

You seem inteligent, and well spoken. It baffles me how someone who comes across as well informed can defend either Repubs of Dems. Of course Bush 43 expanded government, as did Clinton, HW, Reagan, Carter, and on and on, and on. Unfortunately Obama has been king of modern government expansion, with the disaster Obamacare topping the charts.
Without changing the subject too much, we all should be screaming for the president to have far less power, whether they be a Dem(puss) or a Repub(mucus). I always get the last line confused, could be the Repubs are puss and the Dems are mucus.
Our government was set up to have most of the power reside with the congress. Granted congress is corrupt also, but there might just be a handful of honest ones from either party, and I'll take those odds over a corrupt white house.

April 20, 2012
10:23 p.m.
Fritzdawg says...

"I'm a business owner. I have taken many, many risks, all with my own money, and not only with no help from the government, but with the constant hinderance, and non stop roadblocks that beauracrats put in my way."

And I applaud you for that, however, Bain Capital, is an "assets management" company.

OTHER people's assets. They don't lose a penny any more than your stockbroker would if one of YOUR holdings tanked.

You as a business OWNER however, are most likely very careful with what you take in, and how you spend, as it effects you directly.

For people like Romney, it's all little more than a board game, and if somebody goes bankrupt, he doesn't lose any sleep, because it doesn't effect him any more than losing a game of Monopoly.

I'm defending neither side, because as has been proven time, and again, they are all part of the same hypocrisy.
The media is bought and sold, with the on air "personalities", being little more than well preened whores. Trust me, I was in that business for years. They're actors playing the role they were paid to perform, at the behest of whoever hires them on.

Everything is now boiled down to sound bites, and slogans, because the average American (bear in mind that %50 of them are below average, yet can still vote) has a very short attention span, and lacks any sense of critical thinking. Read between the lines? If the headlines themselves aren't shouted, they don't even absorb THAT much.

Companies like News Corp (The Post, Fox, etc)pander to that audience, by telling them only what they want to hear to reinforce their prejudices,(be they good or bad) so that their audience can feel good about themselves for being right.

Currently, they have the country divided like Red Sox/Yankees fans, who will root on their team, right or wrong, no matter what, because it's THEIR team, and the other guys are bums.
They do that, because it's in News Corps' best interest to keep the conflict going.
If every democrat in the world suddenly decided "hey, you know what? You guys are right." Fox would be out of business, because they don't report news, they act as agent provocatures to further the discourse to insane levels, so that they can stoke the fire even more, to attract an even larger, allegient audience to get better ratings, and thus, make more money.
Does anybody really think that Rupert Murdoch immigrated to America for any reason other than money?

By the way, "Obamacare", is actually "Romneycare", who's plan it actually is.

April 20, 2012
11:09 p.m.
wmarincic says...


""Fox would be out of business, because they don't report news, they act as agent provocatures to further the discourse to insane levels.""

Im sorry but I dont remember Fox doctoring tapes to divide a country and make a "white hispanic"(whatever that is) look like a racist.

Those so call liberal things you spoke of were democrat ideas which at that time the dems were very conservative and the repubs were way to the right,

In order to galvanize America we need more Tea Party candidates to win elections. I'm a Santorum supporter and an Allen Keys and Allen West but if it is Romney or obama, I have to go wth Romney. America can't take four more years of Obama.

April 21, 2012
1:03 a.m.
Fritzdawg says...

"Those so call liberal things you spoke of were democrat ideas which at that time the dems were very conservative and the repubs were way to the right".

The law banning insurance exclusion due to "pre-existing conditions" was not passed 'way back when'.

The very very first teabaggers had a good idea, until Fox turned it into a circus of ignorance, with people like Beck, dressing up as Thomas Paine (an atheist) and talking about keeping this a Christian nation, which of course, it isn't.

People marching, holding signs that say "KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE" are not the kind of people that I trust to make reasoned, rational decisions about government

If the Tea Party had come up with a candidate that wasn't a completely ignorant, self righteous goof ball, I might have voted from them.
Instead, they align themselves with bimbo in chief, Sarah Palin.

No wonder other countries look at us, and laugh in disbelief.

Romney offers no solutions, only criticisms.
He use phrases like "well all I know is..." and "I tell you one thing...", and all of the mentally deficient cheer.

The republican motto for years has been EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.
Think Bush was bad? Just imagine giving that kind of power to someone that arrogant, but with actual intelligence.

April 21, 2012
6:55 a.m.
wmarincic says...


The Tea Party stands for limited government and not bankrupting our country. It is for term limits and people taking responsibility. I know that to a liberal those are bad things as all liberals want somebody else to take respondibility for their poor decisions.

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