Man charged in fatal Schenectady hit-and-run

November 17, 2011
Updated 8:01 p.m.
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Anthony J. Gallo
Anthony J. Gallo

— Schenectady police say a tip led them to a man with 10 driver's license suspensions who is believed to be responsible for a hit-and-run accident Wednesday night that killed a city woman.

Police said Anthony J. Gallo, 34, no address available, drove through a red light at the intersection of Erie Boulevard and State Street about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, hitting Casandra A. Boone, 19, of 1525 Avenue B. Boone died later in the evening after emergency surgery at Albany Medical Center.

Police said Boone was struck by a white Dodge pickup truck that was headed toward Glenville. Officers following up on the tip located the vehicle and then the driver, police said. Police said the vehicle was owned by Gallo's father and registered to an unidentified woman.

Gallo is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal auto accident, a felony, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor, and a trio of vehicle and traffic infractions -- passing a steady red light, imprudent speed and failure to exercise due care. Police said additional charges are possible as investigators await the results of toxicology tests.

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November 17, 2011
9:20 a.m.
DougPeek says...

Will city officials please enforce traffic laws. Last night walking dog on upper Union st. a speeding red jeep suv turning onto side street by Gershon's almost run us over. it almost seemed on purpose. i shop on Union and the Merchants as well are upset with speeding traffic that blow tru redlights. After all the money spent downtown and on upper union, can't Police enforce and traffic planners do something to make it safe to live, walk, and shop in Schenectady. how many other folks like that poor 19 year old woman have to be run down in the streets by speeding lethal weapons called cars/trucks.

November 17, 2011
11:43 a.m.
rocky_1 says...

too much speeding, too much running red lights, need more enforcement

November 17, 2011
12:04 p.m.
jtcapp123 says...

How very sad. I must say I am not surprised at all. The cars driving on Erie Blvd. probably hit speeds close to 45mph. I've crossed that street many times, always at a sprint. The cars don't even slow down when they see someone crossing, its disgusting. Maybe now they will set up a couple of speed traps once in a while.

November 17, 2011
12:15 p.m.
dan says...

The article doesn't mention anything about speeding... but it seems to be the focus of the comments. I would think the likely cause behind a hit and run would be drunk or distracted driving. You don't really need to be speeding to kill someone. I guess it does make it more likely for the woman to not see the truck coming, but if there were witnesses, I think noted speeding would have been a big part of their statements. There has been a lot of talk about building a pedestrian bridge over Erie, I don't remember what the latest is with that, if it will be part of the new Erie Blvd they're doing or not.

November 17, 2011
1:53 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Where do we get the Police to sit and wait for speeders? Unfortunately there are four Asst. Chiefs that make a grand total of $500,000 per year so there is not enough money left to put officers on the street.

November 17, 2011
9:03 p.m.
apfpet says...

there is a desperate need of a pedestrian bridge over Erie Blvd. for that is one of the most dangerous intersections. Now that Schenectady County community College holds classes off campus, in Center Center Bldg across from Proctor's, and offers no shuttle buses, students must walk, plus the 351 CDTA bus (Van Vranken Ave Bus) does not go to the college anymore, thus forcing patrons to walk from Broadway al the way down towards Erie, SCCC...there is a critical need for a Pedestrian Bridge over Erie Blvd the citizens of Schenectady need to advocate their lawmakers for one. My prayers go out to the family of this young lady in this senseless tragedy.

November 18, 2011
2:26 p.m.
robbump says...

I work on the 200 block of State, go to SCCC, take the bus, and cross both Erie Blvd and State St multiple times daily. I'm over 60 years old, well past the median age for those who cross those streets.

There is no need for a bridge. An expensive bridge that very likely will not be used by those who don't want to climb the steps if it did exist. Look no further than the number of students who crossed Washington Ave illegally to get to the parking lot where student housing is being built .. or those who cross State Street (often against the light) to the north side of State, rather than use the existing pedestrian bridge.

What we need is enforcement of current traffic law. The speeding, the ignoring of traffic devices and other traffic law is rampant. Not only of drivers but of pedestrians and bicyclists as well. I'll point also to the crossing at "Division Station" CDTA stop as another spot with excessive jay walking AND drivers who refuse to yield to the pedestrians in the crosswalks.

Nott Terrace/Veeder, and Brandywine are other intersections that traffic flies through, ignoring speed limits and traffic lights.

apfpet- we SCCC students now only need swipe our student ID for CDTA bus access. Those on the 351 towards the college can transfer to other buses at multiple stops.. such as Clinton & State (cross State, board 353, 354, 355 or 70) for those coming from Rotterdam or if coming from north Schenectady, get off the bus on Broadway just before State and walk to the the railroad overpass, boarding 905,353, 354, 355 or 70 . Students going to Center City from the college can board buses 905, 353, 354, 355, 63, or 70 for passage to the other side of Erie.

Driving a motor vehicle is not a god-given right, and the time for some enforcement of that concept upon all of Schenectady's traveling public is past due. How about the traffic cameras that automatically issue citations for starters?

My condolences to the family and friends of Casandra Boone.

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