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Fort Plain man’s garage catches fire, but house is spared
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Julia Stockwell is a sixth-grader at Harry Hoag Elementary School

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Julia Stockwell
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Mr. Pat (or Patrick) Hanifin’s garage caught on fire. It happened Feb. 20, 2011. His house is white and he lives at 273 Main St. in Fort Plain, N.Y.

Pat had to take his son Chris Hanifin to basketball practice at 7:30 a.m. He got up really early to do his usual routine. He has a wood stove in his garage and he cleans out the ashes. When he cleans them out he puts them in a metal container and sticks it in a snowbank until they got cool. But this time the container was full, so he put the ashes in a bigger plastic container and stuck it in a snowbank. Pat did not notice that there were a few red hot ashes when he took them out and put it in the garage so he didn’t think anything of it.

Then he took his son to basketball and ran a few errands. He was gone for about an hour when he got to his house and realized his house was on fire. No one noticed though, not even his wife, who was in the house. Pat got his family out of the house and called the police. He is also a part-time fireman along with a teacher so he helped put the fire out. The important thing is that his house wasn’t damaged except for some siding.

That is the story of Pat Hanifin, and how his garage burned down on Main Street in Fort Plain, N.Y.

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