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More gym classes can help to fight obesity
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Devan Singh is a seventh-grader at Broadalbin-Perth Middle School

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Devon Singh
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A very pressing matter facing many people is child obesity. One great way to burn fat is to exercise and be physically active. Gym class is a great way for kids to get exercise. However, it is not a daily class.

At my school, Broadalbin-Perth Middle School, we only get gym class every other day. This means having gym class only two to three times a week. Unfortunately, this is not enough because a healthy kid needs to get 40 minutes of rigorous activity at least four times a week, so two to three just isn’t enough.

One way to improve gym class is to let students choose from more rigorous or less rigorous exercise. This allows for all students to be able to exercise at a level suitable for each individual. Also, it allows for children less accustomed to physical activity to be able to work up from less strenuous to more strenuous activity at their own pace. This is a key concept because it prevents students from straining themselves by allowing for each individual to exercise to one’s own physical ability.

It may be difficult to fit gym classes into a student’s busy schedule, however. I think that one great way to accomplish this is to eliminate homework halls and insert gym classes in those free periods. Also, kids might behave more because instead of sitting idle where they might misbehave, they would be getting activity, which is both healthy and keeps their minds off of things like misbehaving. This would keep kids out of trouble and healthy.

Giving kids more gym classes would keep them lean and healthy, as well as possibly keeping them out of trouble.

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