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Judging others hurts everyone involved
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nathan Hare is a seventh-grader at Broadalbin-Perth Middle School

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Nathan Hare
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Judging a person is very mean and cruel and can hurt somebody very much. I have witnessed judging all over the place including in schools, our school, and even in people’s homes. Although there is judging that can be positive like telling someone they are pretty or handsome, there is also judging that can be very negative and hurtful to most people.

Suppose you are a 13-year-old boy and you go to a lunch table to sit down with a group of kids and they tell you that you can’t sit there because you have a tattoo and you’re not normal. Or what if every person in the school is invited to a party but you’re not because you are obese? You want to be in a club after school but the kids in the club won’t let you because you don’t wear clothes that are cool and they don’t want you to be a part of the club. What if you want to join a sports team but you have ear gauges in your ears and kids think you are a freak so you can’t join? What should you do?

These are just a few examples but there is a ton more. I don’t think this is right at all. I believe that you should be judged by what’s on the inside of a person, not what’s on the outside. A person judging you has no idea what is going on with your family. Maybe there was a death in the family or maybe they just don’t have the money to buy nice things because times are tough right now. The person who is judging you should stop and think why they are judging someone and trying to hurt them. Could it be the person judging is hurting and wants someone else to feel his or her pain? None of this matters to me. People don’t understand that you could have a lot of tattoos, nose rings, lip rings, gauges, a ripped shirt and pants and still be a really nice and caring person.

Next time you see someone with a bunch of tattoos or something you don’t particularly like, go up and say hello because who knows, you might have a new best friend. I really hope people will stop judging about how they look and give them a chance because every person has good things about them that make them special.

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