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Don’t tear down a place that feels much like home
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Noah Gribben is a sixth-grader at Schenectady Christian School

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As a Scotia citizen I have enjoyed going to the Scotia Diner.

For years I have been going with my father for breakfast. The waitress knows us and we always see other regulars there as well. You can get good-quality food at a reasonable price. Since 1963 Scotia Diner has been a special place to make family traditions.

There’s been word around town that the Scotia Diner is to be torn down so Bruce Tauska can build a huge apartment building. If you look around town you see a lot of apartment buildings looking to be rented. It doesn’t make sense to have more if the ones we already have are not rented. The other problem is that the town of Scotia has lost two other eating establishments in the past several years.

Anita Kyratzis has rented the diner for years and her son Terry runs it and cooks there. It employs 12 people; it mostly serves regulars, people who come frequently. The food is delicious, the environment is old-fashioned, and the waitresses always serve with a smile.

Where are people in our town going to find a place for casual dining?

I would hate to see our diner torn down. Scotia is a small community that should keep the small businesses alive, and not let the millionaires who own properties come and tear down places that feel like home. It saddens me that I will lose a special family tradition and that future generations will not have the opportunity to develop their family traditions at the Scotia Diner.

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