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Letters to the Editor for Feb. 22

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If snowmobilers groom Canalway, they should be allowed to use it Re Feb. 4 editorial, “Wrong way on Canalway”: I read with interest the opinion expressed by the [Gazette] editorial board concerning the use of Canalway trails by snowmobiles. I am president of the Charlton Snowmobile Club Inc. We maintain trails roughly from Round Lake to the east to the Sacandaga Reservoir to the north and west; in all, more 50 miles of trails. All ...

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February 22, 2011
11:28 a.m.

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William McPherson

If it had been 3 white students smashing a plate over a black students head and calling him racial names Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Obama himself would be yelling. Reverse racism is alive and well in America I see.

February 22, 2011
2:23 p.m.

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It seems to me that "government intervention in collective bargaining" actually does attack big business and the health insurance industry. Unions, after all, are big businesses - their leaders are paid huge salaries to be provocateurs, and the unions have
dedicated administrative staffs. They use their members (workers) as tools to achieve their own ends - power, glory and wealth. The health insurance industry feeds off this.

So, who is really assaulting the middle class? State workers that demand raises, even if it means some of their co-workers will lose their jobs, police and fire-fighters (who really do have tough jobs) padding their pension payments by outrageous overtime - don't you think the middle class pays for that? Let's not forget a couple of other sweetheart deals. The union leaders managed the pension funds and invested them in the stock market to make more money. Oops! the market is in the toilet and the money is gone. Are the union leaders who made bad choices making up the difference from their pockets? NO, Chris, it's the middle class taxpayers who get stuck with the bill. The other beneficiaries are public school teachers. I respect their jobs, but I can't stand the whining when I foot the bill - I just read that STARTING pay in Albany schools is $50,000/year, plus benefits. The average income in that area isn't even $30,000/year, so you can guess why people don't like it when teachers complain. Tenure, early retirement, pension, LOTS of days off - then they don't want to face their share of the cost of economic recovery.

Unions are obsolete in modern society; we have labor laws to protect workers' rights, and if you don't like the pay, find a new job. Labor unions are simply political tools and, ultimately, even their members will suffer. We see it now, as teachers are losing jobs - if they all gave up just a little, that wouldn't have to happen. Of course, our elected representatives (at all levels) need to stop their orgasmic spending, too.

The middle class needs to push back. Election time is the best opportunity - if we elect more leaders with the spine to face down unions, lobbyists and all the other special interests, we stand a chance. It's in your hands, Chris.

February 22, 2011
5:24 p.m.

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Chris, the big difference between what the unions force the public to pay for, like the collective bargaining that got Viagra paid for through those Cadillac health care plans, is that Wall Street doesn't cost the tax paying public money. Their bonuses are paid for by good old 'capitalism', that has made America great. The only thing socialism has done is create a welfare state.

February 26, 2011
1:13 p.m.

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mgriffith has a valid point. Many insurance programs will cover Viagra, but not birth control.