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Miracle laid to Kateri of Mohawk

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Big news for the Mohawk Valley and specifically for the shrine in the town of Mohawk dedicated to an unfortunate Indian girl who lived in the area more than 300 years ago, one Kateri Tekakwitha. Kateri was reportedly afflicted with smallpox as a child, lived a miserable life, converted to Christianity at the age of 20, moved to Canada to join a community of Native American Christians, and died at the age of 24. A ...

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December 22, 2011
1:59 a.m.

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Bravo, Carl! Tell it like it is. I think religions invented marketing campaigns and the Catholics need a little PR boost.

Gerald J. Skrocki

December 22, 2011
5:14 p.m.

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Thanks, Carl. You've done it again, exposing the nonsense that comprises religion, and in particular, the sanctifying of individuals who would be horrified to learn of their supposed sainthood. Superstition in spades! And there are so many more of us non-theists out there than can be imagined!

December 23, 2011
9:46 a.m.

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Expect some blow back from the pious..

December 24, 2011
7:51 a.m.

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I expect nothing less from a man and his wife who take pleasure from watching the torture and killing of a helpless animal at a bullfight in Mexico.

December 24, 2011
8:58 p.m.

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And Mexico is soooo safe for tourists Strock. just another in a long line of BS from you.

December 27, 2011
1:06 a.m.

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I believe you have misread Strock's comments about Mexico, "wmarincic". He did not say it was safe for tourists, but rather that it is no more or less safe than anywhere else. It is tragic that 3 innocent U.S. citizens were murdered in Mexico this past Thursday, but that does not prove or disprove Strock's assertion. He may be wrong, of course (and I expect he is), but to demonstrate that Mexico is less safe for tourists than the U.S. requires more than simply pointing to those three deaths. Instead, one would need to compare the number of innocent tourists murdered in Mexico during some designated period of time, against the number of innocent tourists murdered in the U.S. during that same period. Again, I suspect making such a comparison would favor the U.S. over Mexico, but I also doubt the difference is numerically significant. Of course, even one innocent death is a significant loss.