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Students need bigger lockers for all their stuff
Friday, May 14, 2010

Alyssa Plummer is a sixth-grader at Ballston Spa Middle School

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Do you have a small locker? I do. Do you know how much we need to fit in our lockers? For every class, we need our agenda and a writing tool. For English, we need a writer’s notebook, a binder or folder and a free reading book. We also need a notebook and a folder for science and math. For social studies, we need a binder and colored pencils. We need a folder for home and careers and music. For computers, we need a folder and a pair of headphones.

We also need lots of school supplies for technology, like a design portfolio, a set of colored pencils, a ruler, a compass and a protractor. Now we need to fit everything into our lockers, with a lunchbox, bookbag and a coat in the winter. That is a lot of stuff.

If our lockers were bigger, I could at least get to my classes more easily because everyone has more things than they need for their class and they’re always on the floor and in the way.

“I don’t have enough room for my backpack to fit in my locker,” said Makayla Mason in Ballston Spa Middle School.

“When I was going, we still [had] those small lockers you have,” added Katrina Plummer, a high school student who once attended the middle school.

Some people I know barely get to class on time because their lockers are too small and they have no room to get to their belongings. Sometimes I bump elbows with the people next to me; if they were bigger then this wouldn’t happen.

In conclusion, we should get bigger lockers because we don’t have enough room to fit everything we need in it, and we may not find where our stuff is. Students need bigger lockers.

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