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Editorial: The fallout from Rotterdam's referendums

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Voter turnout for the referendum over Rotterdam’s ambulance service Tuesday was pretty impressive, and the results — 2,473 against to 1,386 in favor — made it pretty clear how town residents feel about making a commitment to spend more money for a vital service than they have to. No, thank you — which is also what a much-smaller group of them in the Mohonasen school district said the day before, in response to a building ...

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December 17, 2010
11:11 a.m.

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"The school district at least gave voters the option of casting absentee ballots (as long as they were received by Monday), but for the ambulance taxing district proposal, the town insisted that people come to town hall in the flesh if they wanted to weigh in. (Was this a sneaky way for opponents of the plan, which included the town’s political leaders, to discourage seniors, who were probably most likely to approve the plan, from exercising their franchise? Everyone knows retirees are more likely to head south at this time of year, or at least less willing to go out in the cold.)"

EXACTLY.....point well made!!!

December 17, 2010
11:59 a.m.

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I am a senior and I was there and I waited. I do not want an added tax. What makes the writer think seniors would approve the ems. We are the ones on fixed incomes who do not want added taxes. I certainly hope next may as many people show up to vote down the school budgets. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

December 18, 2010
7:37 a.m.

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I understand about the school budgets, which is a whole other can of worms for SC's. But the vote for REMS was not handled fairly/properly. It should have been done like every other election in the town of Rotterdam, or anywhere else. And you are certainly entitled to your opinion, however, I think the writer made a good point. Seniors are more likely to need an ambulance at some point in time, and not all of them live in the middle of town. Many live farther out.
If god forbid, you should ever find yourself needing an ambulance/EMT/Paramedic, and every second counts....would you rather have one IN the district, or have to wait on the additional 10-15 mins. for one outside the district to show up? Is yours, or anyone's life not worth the additional minimal tax? (example: $3.00 more a month?)