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Homework not fun but helpful
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nicole McCarvill is a fourth-grader at Okte Elementary School in Clifton Park

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Nicole McCarville
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Have you ever thought you had way too much homework? Have you ever thought it helps you be a better student in school?

Well, I think homework is important. When you need help in school with a subject like division in math class the teacher might assign a lot of math homework, so you get better with practice at home and at school. For example, the next day you would probably do better in division because of your homework.

When you get home, you probably forget all about school and you want to play and have fun. If you didn’t have homework, the next day you would forget all about yesterday’s lesson, so you would have to relearn the whole lesson again and again!

Imagine that you’re at school and you are in math class, and the teacher is having you do the work pages that are assigned for school, and then she has you write down your homework and you have three pages more! Think about it! What if you had to do all three of those homework pages on top of your school work? You would be very distracted, and tired, too!

It also would be boring. Most kids think that homework is bad, boring and annoying. If you really think about it, you do most of the school work at home.

When you get home, take out your homework and don’t say, “I have so much boring homework.” Say, “This work will help me get better in the future!”

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