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Could competitors earn Olympic medals in paintball someday?
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christopher Isakson is a sixth-grader at Schenectady Christian School in Schenectady

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Christopher Isakson
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Did you know that baseball and softball were voted out of the Olympics? Do you ever think paintball will be in the Olympics? Paintball has been played since the ’80s and is becoming more popular every year.

Paintball was at first used to mark trees. Then people started to use it to train the army. Eventually, in the 80s people started to use them to play what is now known as paintball.

Today many states have famous paintball parks. My friends and I have our own paintball team named Paintstorm Paintball and we play at our own field and the EMR Paintball Park. We all think that paintball should be in the Olympics because we are sure that pretty much everybody would love it.

It is so exciting to watch because you get so close to the other players and then all you see is a man covered in paint. Unfortunately it is a very expensive sport to play. It costs almost $100 for a case of good paintballs, and the guns are about $800 and all the equipment together is probably over $1,500.

I hope someday paintball will be the Olympics because everybody would love it because of the actions and see the paint fly. I also hope teams, such as Dynasty, Red Leigon, Delta, Jersey Titans, and all the teams from the EMR Paintball Park will support paintball in the Olympics.

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