6 Schenectady students arrested after brawl

Thursday, March 5, 2009
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— Six students were arrested, one of them with injuries requiring hospital treatment, following a fight at Schenectady High School on Wednesday morning.

The incident happened around 9:15 a.m., according to police. Superintendent Eric Ely did not know what started the fight but said it was probably an argument that started the previous evening and spilled over into school.

One student was injured when he got angry and punched his arm through a window. Ely did not know the severity of his injuries.

Staff stepped in to break up the fight.

“Everything was under control pretty quickly,” Ely said.

The school was placed into lockdown mode and students were prohibiting from leaving their classrooms until the incident was under control.

All six students have been charged with riot in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor. Charged were Jallah Nacet-Am Tarver, 16, of 1014 Robinson St.; Claude Deash Bannister, 16, of 956 Albany St.; Micah Travis Weis, 18, of 813 Holland Road; Brandon Alexander Banda, 17, of 1077 Willett St.; Tashawn Maurice ONeal, 16, of 818 Lincoln Ave.; and Richard George Cohen, 16, of 1046 Willett St.

They were held pending an arraignment in City Court.

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March 5, 2009
8:05 a.m.
resident says...

And now they will be all suspended, good

March 5, 2009
8:12 p.m.
MsWest says...

I can feel the condescendance oozing out of this story. These are serious, and horrific instances. Well for lack of better words, you did make this a juicy tale of urban woe. However, it is disgusting piece. Oh what piece? No pertainant story on the suicides Just the exploitation of the deviance. Since you have everyone's attention. Now, will you donate to the filthy city of Schenectady? to help build a safe place for these teens to go? Prior to these desparate acts. Alot of parents are involved and work very hard to do the right thing. There are too many dynamics to the situations that occur here to explain in one comment or whatever they teach in a sociology/pyschology textbook. More than most can fathom in a nightmare, muchless walk a mile in some of these "Air Jordan's". Please I ask you, to shove your cameras in the faces of public officials that sweep the scandal and atrocities under the "immoral" rug? Hopefully, that will evoke prompter services and a better connection with the urban situation in a city so small with so many young inexperienced, and tender lives at risk.The publicity would actually save lives instead of minimize this issue because of economic indifference. Then we can clean the streets. The school district is morally incorrect and quick to give up on our children and dont do anything to keep help active parents keep them there. It is only after it was reported did they show such interest in the grievance of these poor children. This is beyond "Smells like teen spirit" SENDING AND SOS SAVE THESE BABIES DONT CONDEMN THEM!!! LET US PRAY

March 5, 2009
8:25 p.m.
MsWest says...

I forgot a ? mark

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